Governor Otter FY 2011 Budget Recommendation

    Four-year phase out of General Fund
  • Public Television
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Hispanic Commission
  • Independent Living Council
  • Developmental Disabilities Council
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Council
  • Digital Learning Academy

For Idaho Public Television:
The Governor is recommending a four year phase out of direct state budget support for Idaho Public Television Broadcasting. This decision recognizes harsh realities of the decreasing state revenue, as well as significant changes in Idaho's socioeconomic landscape. During the mid 1960's when KUID-TV Moscow started public broadcasting in Idaho, the state's population was under 0.7 million with agriculture and natural resources dominating commerce. Today, Idaho's estimated population is over 1.5 million with many more service and manufacturing firms operating in the state. These factors have created added wealth for state residents. Between 2000 and 2008, Idaho's share of national personal income grew nearly ten percent. According to the Association of Public Television Stations, state governments provide only about 16% of national broadcasting outlet revenue, while business, memberships, and foundations contribute two-thirds of total receipts. It should be noted that Idaho's counterpart to the west, Oregon Public Broadcasting, lost all of its state funding support in 2000. Over the next four years Idaho Public Television should rely more on miscellaneous revenue along with federal funding opportunities for its broadcasting network operations.