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We love you guys!

We love you guys! I am outraged that Butch Otter is cutting funding to such a fundamental part of Idaho's television. My whole family watches PBS on a daily basis: the kids watch Curious George in the mornings and my partner and I watch Nova at night. Without PBS there would be no educational and inspiring shows on network TV. I refuse to pay for cable, so PBS is important to me. Please know that you are needed and appreciated by Idahoans and we will do everything we can to convince the Governor not to cut state funding. Thank you for all that you do for Idaho families!

Email to Idaho Public Television
February 5, 2010

IPTV & Taxes

Some complain that they are living on social security and do not think contributing to IPTV is a good use of their taxes. If they are living on social security as I am, they do not pay much in taxes. I have been paying into social security since I was 14 and am happy to support PUBLIC broadcasting to the tune of $50 per month.

As has been mentioned here before, commercial tv is mostly trash. I am fortunate that I live in a remote enough part of Idaho that the only station I receive is IPTV. Public broadcasting is much like public highways. We all contribute for the good of the whole. I would happily pay the "84 year old's" (on social security) portion of the taxes he pays towards IPTV. Where do I send my PENNIES?

As for the liberal bent, maybe some people are so far right (and tight) they don't know where the middle is. Would we even have social security if those less than conservative had not pushed for it?

Email to Idaho Public Television
February 5, 2010

When I do watch TV, it is the four stations you offer

I have read and listened to the reports regarding both discontinuing "free" access to television and IDPT losing state funding. I am a homeowner, gainfully employed, college educated, no children, NOT from ID, single, and have a VERY limited amount of discretionary income. I do not have a home computer and I don't subscribe to any kind of television service. I don't spend much time watching television, but when I do, it is the four stations you offer. I do have charities and causes I support financially, and until now had never given much thought of giving to IDPTV. You will be getting a small donation from me. I appreciate ALL of the programing. I have watched and been exposed to view points I would never have had the opportunity to hear, especially in this part of Idaho, had it not been for Public TV. A letter in the Post Register this week was of the opinion that in today's economic climate Public TV would never get our tax dollars and wouldn't see the light of day. Thank goodness IDPTV was begun years ago. I would rather depend on four well rounded, open minded, intellectually stimulating and challenging, and very entertaining stations than the 60+ I can't afford to purchase. Imagine, if a mere fraction of the money made in the last few weeks on the latest box office "hit" were given to public television stations, you'd be set!

Thank you,

PS: I was in 3rd grade when the first episode of "Electric Company" aired and we watched it at school in Virginia.

Email to Idaho Public Television
February 4, 2010

Public TV plays important role

I read with dismay the front-page article reporting that Gov. Otter has proposed eliminating state funding for public television. Of peculiar concern is the report that locally produced programming will be the first to be cancelled. The function of public media is, first, to provide a platform for public service programming not addressed by commercial media. This is not big government, it is the people of Idaho determining what type of information is vital to a functioning democracy. It's about locally produced programming about issues Idahoans care about, rather than the crass, mind-numbing crap served up by commercial media. Large subsidies are granted commercial broadcasters in the form of free access to the broadcast spectrum, yet our lawmakers can't seem to allocate 9 cents a month per capita for public media. Idaho families deserve better.

Letter to the Editor, Idaho Mountain Express
February 3, 2010

If Otter doesn't watch, how can he judge?

If Gov. Otter doesn't watch public television, how can he possibly know how valuable it is to Idaho residents, especially to those of us who live in rural areas? IPTV is certainly another facet of education, an area in which the governor seems woefully ill-informed.

Letter to the Editor, Idaho Statesman
February 3, 2010

Just sickened by this thought

What a sick thought of my children growing up with out PBS!!! We love all the children's educational programing as well as the adult entertainment. If our governor want to take away all the good teachers by taking away there money and then take away PBS does he want all of ID to grow up as stupid as him. If he wants to save some money how about us not paying for a mansion to live in. There are many PUBLIC payed jobs that could use a little cut back long before it should be removed from our children's futures. Just sickened by this thought. Hang in there PBS of Idaho. Please forward to the Governor.

Email to Idaho Public Television
February 2, 2010

A healthy PBS is good for America

Let's not defund PBS. As a longtime watcher and contributor, I appreciate its educational value and diversity. I watch PBS more than the networks combined, and its bottom line isn't chasing profit and the political correctness that entails.

In 1984, I bought a satellite dish and VCR for the main purpose of homeschooling our kids through science programs available only on PBS. It worked great. As a tool for education, it's unmatched. Perhaps by the same logic, we should defund public education as well.

There's little in-depth news on free TV outside of PBS. Switching through the networks, you quickly notice they all smell about the same except PBS.

Could PBS pare back? Probably. Could it save by running old science shows? Probably. How critical is British comedy to the mission? Could I contribute more? Yeah.

It's a sad fact that titillation and mindless drivel is the steady diet of most TV watchers, punctuated frequently with slick ads seducing folks to buy more crap they don't need, except for PBS.

If it's a closet desire of conservatives to assist people in buying more, borrowing more and saving less, dumping PBS makes good sense. If Republicans want to limit informed public debate, muffling PBS will work well. If ignorance of science for youth and adults fits a neocon agenda, defunding PBS is a great way to promote ignorance.

Best be careful! Penny wise and pound foolish? This is one issue on which both parties ought to be in agreement. A healthy PBS is good for America.

Letter to the Editor, Twin Falls Times-News
January 31, 2010

Public Television

Drop the state funding for PBS. Be fiscally responsible.

Email to Idaho Reports
January 31, 2010

Tax Support

Sorry, but I don't favor tax support for an organization which cannot find the means to support itself. Obviously the other media stations support themselves through commercials or other means. You are not an "endangered species", as much as you would wish to believe. As my dad used to say, "If you want some money, go get a job".

Email to Idaho Public Television
January 29. 2010

Future of IPTV

Since the Guv, et al seem to be more concerned with $ than people, what about approaching from: The loss of transmitters; how many and what did they cost? What are maintenance costs? Will they just be abandoned? What would be the cost in materials waste? Would they be subject to being vandalized for scrap? Is this really being fiscally responsible as they trumpet they are? Further, as many in the Lege represent the rural areas that would be severely impacted, is adhering to the R edict compatible with what they were elected for; people before personal and private interests? Now, on a personal note. I have been a long standing supporter of both IPTV and PBS until recently due to a major financial catastrophy; but I will be back.

Email to Idaho Public Television
January 29, 2010

Taxes not well spent on public television

My wife and I are both 84 years old. We rely on Social Security to maintain our living and don't feel that our tax money is well spent on public television. I lean towards a conservative approach to solving problems. I find that IPTV almost always favors the liberal point of view (Tax and spend). The news people almost all give a liberal approach to their reporting. I have also noticed that the liberals look upon conservatives like me as uneducated bumkins who just can't understand their wonderful idea that more taxes will solve all our problems.

I agree that PTV should exist but rely solely on it's own fund raising to operate. After all, they are the brilliant ones that can raise money and have all the answers.

Email to Idaho Public Television
January 27, 2010

I am against Governor Otter's plan to cut public television

I am against Governor Otter's plan to cut public television. I think the state should support it more. Where else can we find shows about Idaho? I hardly have time to read the news, so shows like Idaho Reports and Dialogue are really important in informing me about what's happening in Idaho.

Email to Idaho Public Television
January 26, 2010

ISBA supports continued state funding of Idaho Public Television

Contact: Connie Searles, President & CEO
Ph: 208 345-3072
e-mail: isba@qwestoffice.net

Boise, Idaho, January 26, 2010 -- The Idaho State Broadcasters Association today released a resolution in support of continued state funding of Idaho Public Television. ISBA Legislative Chairman, Fred Fickenwirth, General Manager, KLEW-TV, Lewiston said, "Idaho Public Television plays a vital role in the education of future broadcasters through their facilities at the University of Idaho and Idaho State University. Commercial radio and television both depend on this educated source of employees for our stations. In addition, Idaho Public Television keep our citizens up to date on the deliberations of the state legislature, adding an extra layer of education for those who vote for our lawmakers."
The wording of the resolution follows:

"The Idaho State Broadcasters Association supports state funding for Idaho Public Television because of the critical services Idaho Public Television provides to the citizens of Idaho. The ISBA recognizes Idaho Public Television's unique ability to reach all parts of the state, offering even the most rural citizens access to vital broadcast resources. Idaho Public Television's programming and services complement the commercial services offered by other ISBA members, providing coverage and feeds from state government activities, statewide Emergency Alert Services, and pre-school through adult educational services. Idaho Public Television also serves a vital broadcast student training role in conjunction with the University of Idaho and Idaho State University. These facilities play a central role in the education of Idaho's future broadcasters.

The ISBA encourages continued state financial support for the infrastructure and related administration needed to maintain Idaho Public Television's statewide activities."

Idaho State Broadcasters Association
Press Release
January 26, 2010

I commend IPTV for providing video transmission of JFAC proceedings

I just want to commend IPTV for providing video transmission of JFAC proceedings to citizens throughout the state. Hard copy minutes of JFAC proceedings are not available until mid-summer, well after the legislative session so your service is an opportunity for citizens to be better informed without news media selective reporting.

I have even taken the opportunity to pose a question via email to a member of the JFAC committee during the meeting and had the question asked of the speaker. Truly taking citizen participation to a better level.

Thank you for your service.

Email to Idaho Public Television
January 26, 2010

When it comes to funding Idaho Public Television I think . . .

It should continue to be funded by the state at current levels.
42% - 97 votes
It should be phased out over four years, as Gov. Otter is proposing.
4% - 9 votes
It should continue to exist but rely solely on its own fundraising to operate.
43% - 98 votes
I don't watch public television so I don't care.
11% - 25 votes

Online Poll
Lewiston Morning Tribune
Week of January 18-24, 2010

IPTV will be missed if it loses state funding

Twin Falls Times-News
January 24, 2010
Letter To The Editor

Reading the article Tuesday morning in the Times-News about our governor's plans to cut funding for Idaho Public TV broke my heart. I feel powerless. IPTV is a mainstay in our home. Choices in culture, news, education and classic entertainment are available in our small community on four digital channels.

We support with our contributions to the extent that seniors on a fixed income can, then we depend on our Legislature to help provide a mostly commercial-free source of information, education, culture and political ideas. The great thing is you have an opportunity whether liberal, independent or conservative to think, weigh arguments, understand different views and clarify issues. Programs on IPTV offer many perspectives. For continuing education in our sometimes isolated and neglected state, this is an invaluable tool.

So we are left with commercial TV with its redundancy, hype and skewed perspective of culture. Try watching with a young child and not having to edit or simply turn the TV off because of inappropriate content or information presented with no thought for simple truth.

There are certainly things other than TV available to people on a limited income in Idaho: State parks - oh, wait they are on the governor's chopping block. Adult education available at the local colleges; nope, due for cuts. We can be comforted. Our children's education will benefit because of our sacrifices; oops, their funding will be cut in the current budget plan. Ok, there is a beautiful new edifice dedicated to our leaders and their functions at the bargain price of $250 million, a much more beneficial use of our money than $1.7 million - less than a dollar per person for Idaho Public Educational Television.

I repeat, I am heart-broken.


Govenor Otter is condeming Idaho to . . . Appalachia

In cutting the budgets to education and the excellent preschool and supplementary education that PBS provides, Govenor Otter is condeming Idaho to the same backwards opportunities that Appalachia suffered before WWII and the choices will be to leave Idaho or have our kids grow up to be farm workers and day laborers.

Email to Idaho Public Television
January 23, 2010

Idaho will lose

Lewiston Morning Tribune
January 21, 2010
Letter to the Editor

Idahoans will be the losers without a strong, vibrant education system and public television network. Our governor and legislators must look for ways to balance the budget other than just cutting so many valued programs. There are several possible ways to increase revenues such as additional tax auditors, user fees and removing services from sales tax exemptions. Education, innovation, research, sustainable energy and a healthy, clean environment will give Idaho an economy for the 21st century. Gov. C. L. (Butch) Otter's address to Idahoans was appalling. His shortsighted vision will be disastrous for Idaho's future.


To JAMM Advisory Board members

January 19, 2010

Dear present and former JAMM Advisory Board members:

I am standing in for Kenton Bird as acting director of the School of Journalism and Mass Media this semester, and I'm contacting you because of a developing matter involving JAMM's longstanding collaboration with Idaho Public Television. Perhaps you've been following stories about IPTV that were published last week in the Boise Statesman, Lewiston Tribune, and Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

KUID/Idaho Public Television is threatened by proposed budget cuts that could close the station and affect our majors in the Broadcast/Digital Media Production program. We strongly support the continuance of IPTV on campus, but should the station close, the School's instructional needs for up-to-date HD equipment, the facility, and some engineering support will continue.

As an supportive partner in JAMM's instructional mission, you could be in a position to help explain to constituents the importance of our collaboration, one that has served the state both through programming and instruction. I am providing below a few paragraphs of background about the collaboration between the School, KUID, and IPTV, and about why keeping that investment is vital to our instructional mission and recruitment efforts:

KUID-TV was put on the air by the Department of Communications at the University of Idaho in 1965, housed at the Radio-TV Center. It was operated through this academic unit of the UI, and its successor, the School of Communication, until 1982. The Idaho State Legislature created the state agency now known as Idaho Public television that year; IPTV took over operational control at that time. What has never changed, however, was that students have always taken broadcasting and digital media related courses in the facility.

Since 1982, IPTV and the UI, through the academic unit (now the School of Journalism and Mass Media) have cooperatively operated the Radio-TV Center as a multi-use media facility used by broadcasting professionals and students. Each semester, more than one hundred students from majors inside and outside of JAMM use the digital media equipment at the Radio-TV Center, producing class projects and working on a professional radio or television program. It has been for the past several years a model of cooperation among state agencies.

The facility includes a high definition television studio, digital video and audio edit suites, and offices for faculty and public television and radio staff. It is a unique learning environment for students in that they move freely between classes and professional work projects, which in the past year have included Northwest Public Radio stories;studio work for Idaho Public Television programs such as "Dialogue"; news and sports packages for outlets including ESPN and television stations in Boise and Spokane; and weekly Vandal football highlight reel for alumni and booster gatherings.

A working TV studio is crucial to our recruiting efforts. It's become a must-stop on the campus tour for prospective JAMM students and their families, and has added greatly to the "Wow!" factor -- particularly for students who first visit WSU and don't even get near their studio.

Thank you for being JAMM's advisors and advocates in difficult times. Please contact us with questions and for additional information.

Patricia Hart, Acting Director
School of Journalism and Mass Media
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3178

I am fretting over the news that some lawmakers want to cut your budget

I am fretting over the news that some lawmakers want to cut your budget. It seems that many think that the easiest thing to do is cut now. We all know that when you cut, it make take years to gain back the valuable parts that you lost.

I am also thinking if this is a time for IdahoPTV to try and find some positive ways to strengthen the company. I know that it is far more complicated than just saying these things, but Idaho is too great of a place to have some lawmakers to just start doing the easy things. Is there a way to become a partner in some way with KSPS?

Email to IdahoPTV
January 18, 2010

We truly love the educational programs

We truely love the educational programs. We watch more of your programming more than any other channel. Our kids watch all the great PBS Kids programs as well as Nova, History Detectives, Nature, Science Now. We are very upset that Gov Otter feels that Government funding TV is no longer needed. We have learned so much from it. It would be a shame if the only kid's programs had to come from Nickelodeon which, as far as I can tell, Sponge Bob has no education value. And we love Masterpiece Theater, Documentaries, Home Improvment, Historical and archeological programs! Hope that programming does not go away.

Member from Kuna
Note accompanying internet pledge
January 18, 2010

Idahoans want their state government to lack imagination

Mr. Morrell,

Idahoans want their state government to lack imagination and to continue to be ineffective so that we can keep the hate government message going. (It makes us feel good.) Butch wants to "privatize" everything like Jeb Bush did to Florida maybe you want to check out how Florida looks today so we can see into the future. Yes, the ever powerful Moyle and his friends want to convert Idaho into a 3rd world country so we can be happy sharecroppers working on Jim Riches' ranch. Come on tea party members let's continue supporting the tax loopholes for the good old boy friends of Butch and friends. We want to continue being represented as the least college educated, providers of poor mental health services, low salaries for new teachers and most importantly we want to wait until Micron hires again to reduce our unemployed numbers rather than innovate other ways to develop jobs. We want to continue developing housing and commercial property so that we have to drive in our cars more often and we definitely want to see more vacant commercial properties in older communities.

Of course we don't want to continue quality programming for all Idahoans. We ant them to play XBOX 360 games. We don't want to see a viable 2 party system in Idaho as we want to keep those democrats in their place. We don't want our colleges to be innovators and inspire our young to continue on with a college education. If our citizens had more knowedge and education that would challenge our ineffectiveness and threaten our hate government initiatives. Don't challenge us to do the right thing by trying to vote out Moyle and his powerful friends. We want to continue to have ineffective government so the innovators leave Idaho and leave us alone as we want to be an outlier.

I would suggest that you begin your Treasure Valley fund raising campaigns. As Butch destroys two Idaho gems our parks and Idaho Public TV. Thank you.

Email to IdahoPTV
January 16, 2010

Otter's 'plan' will turn Idaho into a 3rd world country

Otter is using a method that has been proven time and time again to fail. Otter's 'plan' will turn Idaho into a 3rd world country. And like with most all 3rd world countries, the leaders and their donors will be happy and wealthy and the vast majority will be at or below the poverty line. Cutting taxes while also cutting basic human services is a plan for disaster. One good result will be that after a few more yrs of Otter's 'plan', the whole country and world will have more research supporting the fact that this method does not work. What's sad is those that believe in 'death squads' and the 'birthers' will love Otter's 'plan', even though it affects them in a most negative way. Which brings me to this; oh yes, take more money out of education so the Otter's of the world may stay in power.

Reader's Comment (Moscow-Pullman Daily News)
January 15, 2010

The only REAL TV left anymore IS PBS . . .

Butch, the only REAL TV left anymore IS PBS. You just lost One Million Dollars by NOT getting any interest on the Ten Million TAXPAYER dollars you and the Legislature wanted to GIVE to the CAFOMEN so I've got a solution. According to the attached Controller's report, Section E, there are 213 people employed by the PUBLIC who make more money than you. With your salary, that totals $32,011,742.41 in just salaries. It doesn't include retirement/PERSI, health benefits, life insurance DHR fees (whatever those are) et cetera so if you're planning on cutting what the PUBLIC pays for, cut those salaries in HALF for a year and that will save $16,005,871.20. It'll probably save an equal amount in the PUBLIC paying retirement, health benefits etc etc. so along with the Ten Million TAXPAYER dollars ICLES doesn't get, I just found the PUBLIC at least $26,005,871.20 if not double that.

Email to Governor Otter, with copy to Idaho Public Television
January 14, 2010

Idaho Public TV is a real godsend . . .

Absolutely disgusting what the governor is suggesting to cut public funding!! Thank you for the great daytime kids programming -- Idaho Public TV is a real godsend for me & my 3 year old!

New Member from Boise
Email to Idaho Public Television
January 13, 2010

You can't debate Constitutional issues if you have never actually read . . . the Constitution

What a great idea! Let's cut educational television and other educational institutions so that Idaho's children are ill prepared to enter the workforce or to attend University. That will make it so much easier to govern. You can't debate Constitutional issues if you have never actually read or learned how the Constitution is interpreted. You can't question authority if you haven't learned how. This is what most dictators in developing countries do after a coup - kill the educated. By cutting education again, this Governor is killing the educational opportunities for our children.

Why not raise taxes? Because the people who will pay the most, but who will be affected the least, are the wealthy campaign contributors and they might get angry. Why not institute user fees for state parks and for subsidized state vacation home lots around Priest and Payette Lakes? Because those homes belong to some of the wealthy campaign contributors and they might get angry. Why not spend money to hire more tax collectors and attorneys and collect that $300 million dollars that is not collected every year by the state? Because some of that tax money may belong to those same contributors and they might get angry.

No, it's SO much easier to go after Public Television because that really is just a tool of the liberal media and besides, they don't have any hunting shows. Yep, the savings from that $1.6 million per year that we spend on Idaho Public Television is really going to change the state of Idaho's economic fortunes.

But perhaps I don't give the Governor enough credit. If the citizens of Idaho have never been taught how to think critically, or taught how to plan for the future and not simply to react to the past, then they will continue to elect people like Otter, and Craig, and Crapo. In that light, the Governor's economic and educational policies are brilliant!

Reader's Comment (Moscow-Pullman Daily News)
January 12, 2010