Idaho Public Television - Idaho's universal provider of free educational opportunities, public service, and emergency services

  • Free access to educational, enlightening, and entertaining programming for 97% of Idaho's households, no matter what their economic status or rurality.
  • More than 11 hours each weekday of the highest quality educational television for children - programming proven to increase children's success in school and beyond.
  • The only state-wide Emergency Alert System provider - while other entities reach portions of the state, IdahoPTV is the only outlet which can reach every community quickly and effectively.
  • Live gavel-to-gavel coverage of Idaho's House and Senate floor session, audio coverage of hearing rooms, and video streams of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee on Idaho Legislature Live allows residents in all parts of the state to participate in their state government and provides other broadcast outlets with footage, enhancing our commercial colleagues' abilities to cover state government.
  • In-depth and balanced coverage of current issues of concern to Idahoans throughout the state, like the controversial introduction of wolves or the H1N1 outbreak.
  • Offering distance learning opportunities with accredited coursework for students striving to improve their quality of life plus professional training opportunities for students at each of the state's public universities.
  • Dynamic learning opportunities for elementary students to learn about science through the live D4K program and the D4K Web site - more than 800,000 unique visitors used the D4K website in 2009. Newly added games on the Web site follow Idaho's science standards to engage and challenge students in innovative ways.
  • Balanced and in-depth perspectives on Idaho's history through programs like Assassination: Trial of the Century and Lewis and Clark in Idaho.
  • Cooperative programs like Science Trek where elementary students spend a night at the Idaho Museum of Natural History in Pocatello and experience hands-on learning with dozens of scientists from a wide variety of fields.
  • In-home and in-school opportunities like the Young Writers and Illustrators Contest. Last year nearly 1000 students participated from around the state by making their own books.
  • Offering special opportunities for hearing impaired viewers and Idaho's only broadcast service for visually impaired viewers.
  • Offering multiple channels, including our high definition (HD), Learn/Create and World channels with a variety of educational opportunities to encourage life-long learning.

At Idaho Public Television we use the power and accessibility of television and the web to educate, enlighten, and inform. We have a tradition of quality first and a strong dedication to serve not only the broad needs of Idahoans, but also the needs of forgotten groups and isolated communities.