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President Proposes Elimination of Federal Funding for Public TV

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73 percent of voters oppose eliminating funding for public television We reach nearly 100% of all Idahoans Public TV is watched by 82% of households

In his budget presented to Congress on February 12, 2018, President Trump proposed elimination of federal funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides funding to public television and radio stations nationwide. For Idaho Public Television, this would mean a loss of more than $1.5 million or 19 percent of our annual budget. Along with donor contributions, that funding helps pay for our local productions like Outdoor Idaho, Dialogue, Idaho Reports, Science Trek and Idaho Experience. It also helps pay for national productions such as NOVA, American Experience, PBS NewsHour, and children’s programming like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and The Cat in the Hat.

In addition, CPB funding helps make it possible for us to provide services across Idaho, including the broadcast of emergency information, even in some of Idaho’s most remote places. It pays for educational outreach events and activities for teachers, parents, day care providers and students — including an online tool that offers more than 200,000 resources for schools, searchable by subject matter, grade level and state educational standard.

In short, loss of federal funding would have a devastating impact on Idaho Public Television as you know it. While the president’s budget is the first step in a long process that Congress will undertake, I thought you would want to know what it means for Idaho Public Television. To learn more check out the resources below.

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Ron Pisaneschi
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