Governance Options for Idaho Public Television

In the fall of 1999 and the summer of 2000, Idaho Public Television aired two programs that generated a great deal of public debate. The two programs were offered as part of IdahoPTV's regular programming schedule to serve an audience which would not otherwise be served. The subject matter of both the programs was seen by some Idahoans to promote an alternate lifestyle with which they did not agree.

At that time, IdahoPTV received about 27% of its operating budget from the State of Idaho, and some individuals did not believe a tax-supported agency should be engaged in the broadcast of such information. As a result, the Idaho Republican Party passed a platform resolution in the summer of 2000 to privatize Idaho Public Television in an attempt to remove the agency from any state tax-supported funding.

The resulting study was commissioned by the Idaho State Board of Education with a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to examine the impact that privatization would have on the agency. The study was conducted by Bornstein & Associates during the fall of 2000. Their findings are contained in the document: Governance Options for Idaho Public Television.

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