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Check out these lesson plans for hands-on student learning! For a full-color, 40-page BUILDING BIG Activity Guide call Kris Freeland 1-800-424-1226.


Bridge Design
These lesson ideas primarily involve the construction of model bridges and exploration of the science of their design, with links to other school's bridges projects.

Bridge Math
This Mathline website allows students to participate in an online game that tests different models of bridges and uses fractions. (Game requires a java-compatible browser.)

Types of Bridges
This Newton's Apple lesson plans gives students a chance to examine different types of bridge models and shows them that even a bridge made out of pasta can support their weight!

How Bridges Are Built
Discovery Channel online presents this lesson to look at the ways we build and use bridges: Why are some elegant and others massive, some made of steel and others concrete? Get to the bottom of one our first and most amazing engineering feats.


Taken from Discover Magazine, this lesson demonstrates the importance of having the right proportions, particularly when it comes to skyscrapers!

How Buildings Withstand Earthquakes
Conduct internet research about earthquakes and buildings that have successfully withstood them.

How Dams Work
Another Newton's Apple website explores dams and their effects on the surrounding area, plus the inner workings of dams and locks.

To Dam or Not to Dam
Examine the social benefits and problems of damming the upper Yangtze River and explore the complex engineering principles of dam building.

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