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Entries for month: May 2004

IdahoPTV receives record number of regional Emmy nominations

May 12 2004 by Peter Morrill

Idaho Public Television was named in 10 Northwest Regional Emmy nominations announced last Friday in Seattle. The record number of nominations for the IdahoPTV statewide system includes one for General Station Excellence, a new category, which includes recognition for efforts that reach beyond the television screen.

Eight individual shows, produced by IdahoPTV or produced in collaboration with others, are competing in six different categories for Emmy Awards to be announced June 19 in Seattle. Four of them are OUTDOOR IDAHO episodes or an OUTDOOR IDAHO SPECIAL. A fifth show is an IdahoPTV stand-alone special. Three are collaborations, including two FocusWest presentations and a special with an independent production company.

One nomination is for a 60-second stop-motion animation piece that chronicles the construction of a dinosaur exhibit, featured in a DIALOGUE FOR KIDS program.

"We are honored and astonished to have received this record-setting number of nominations for Idaho Public Television's work," IdahoPTV General Manager Peter Morrill said. "This is a clear recognition of the quality of service we provide our rural state."

The previous IdahoPTV record was four nominations in 1997. The system has received eight previous Regional Emmy Awards.


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Moments in time from the Lewis & Clark journals begin airing May 20

May 06 2004 by Peter Morrill

Using their own actual words and phrases, IdahoPTV retraces the steps of America's foremost explorers, as they set out from St. Louis in May of 1804, "destined for the discovery of the interior of the continent of North America."

The thirty-six video segments – each a minute in length – move the Expedition through the Dakotas, through Montana and Idaho, to the Pacific Ocean, and back to St. Louis in September of 1806.

Using stunning video including aerials and re-creations, these "Moments in Time" give viewers a real sense of what the Expedition encountered two hundred years ago.

"These segments are like our own Hubble Telescope," said Bruce Reichert, producer for Idaho Public Television. "They lift us out of the present and transport us back in time, to America's first great road trip."

"Moments in Time" will air nightly at 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm for thirty-six weeks starting May 20.


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IdahoPTV's Ron Pisaneschi wins programming award

May 06 2004 by Peter Morrill

Ron Pisaneschi, IdahoPTV Director of Broadcasting, has been recognized by the Public Television Programmers Association and TRAC Media Services with its annual GOLDEN GRID AWARD for his "informed, multi-channel scheduling tactics leading to resounding daytime audience gains" and "his unquenchable, contagious passion to master the art and science of programming."


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