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4 Emmys Awarded to IdahoPTV

June 04 2007 by Peter Morrill

Emmy statueThis past April, Idaho Public Television was nominated for 7 Emmys. I just wanted to let you all know that on Saturday evening, NATAS Northwest (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Northwest chapter) awarded Idaho Public Television 4 Emmys!

The awards were for:

  • Dialogue for Kids in the Children & Youth category
  • Outdoor Idaho, "Cycling Idaho," in the Sports/Documentary category
  • Outdoor Idaho, "A Trip to the Moon," in the Writing Category
  • And Dialogue for Kids, in the Advanced Media category

Congratulations to our fine IdahoPTV creative team!

I'd also like to congratulate several other regional winners including:

  • Journal Broadcast Group (KIVI-TV, Boise), "Today's Channel 6 News, Live at 10", Toby Shaw, Producer (Evening News, Markets 81+)
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting, "Oregon Experience: Sam Hill", Mike Midlo, Producer, Bruce Barrow, Editor (Historic/Cultural - Program/Special)
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting, "Oregon Experience: Abigail Scott Duniway", Eric Cain, Producer, Lisa Suinn Kallem, Editor, Nadine Jelsing, Executive Producer (Documentary - Cultural/Historical)
  • KCTS-TV, "About Us: Heroines", Stan Feingold, Producer (Documentary - Cultural/Historical)
  • KUFM-TV/Montana PBS, "Johnnie Thomas", John Twiggs, Producer (Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment)
  • KUFM-TV/Montana PBS, "Wind Farm", John Twiggs, Photographer/Editor (Photographer - Program)
  • Eagle High School, "EHS News January 26, 2007", Paul Moresco, Aidan Brezonick, Brad Opper, Abby Sauriol, Tyler Lacedra, Javi Zubizarreta, Alex Plew, Rebecca Greenwell, Jacoby Leseberg, Derek Lewis, Brandon Bartchi, Chase Matzdorff, Dan Wilkinson, Amanda Rolland, Tara Butcher, Nicholas Chimonas, Jordan Hart (Student Television Awards: News)
  • Eagle High School, "EHS News January 26, 2007", Paul Moresco, Aidan Brezonick (Student Television Awards: Technical Achievement)

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