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Main Channel Goes HD in August

June 26 2011 by Peter Morrill

 On August 8, at approximately 11:55pm, Idaho Public Television’s Main Channel (subchannel 1) will switch from broadcasting our main programming service in standard definition digital to broadcasting in high definition (HD) digital format.

“Most new productions that come to us now are now in high definition, so there is a larger programming selection to choose from than even a year ago, “ says Ron Pisaneschi, Idaho Public Television director of content. “It only makes sense that NATURE, for instance, should be broadcast in high definition on our Main Channel.” Upgrades to IdahoPTV’s technical infrastructure are allowing for the change.

As a result of this change, our current HD channel (subchannel 2) will switch at the same time to broadcasting in standard definition digital and be renamed to the “IdahoPTV Plus” channel. It will feature “theme nights” of great PBS, local and acquired programming with a group of shows around a single theme that will be broadcast in standard definition widescreen. Viewers will still have multiple opportunities to see their favorite programs. In the near future, we are hoping to offer a high definition version of the “IdahoPTV Plus” channel to subscribers of cable television systems in Idaho.


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Reapportionment & Education Hearings Streamed

June 18 2011 by Peter Morrill

In early June, Idaho Legislature Live (ILL) began covering the proceedings of two important statewide committees.


On June 7 and 8, Idaho Legislature Live initiated its coverage of the Idaho Citizen Commission for Reapportionment. We provided gavel to gavel video coverage of their first two days of proceedings from the Capitol Auditorium and then from Caldwell when they began their public hearings efforts around the state. ILL will continue to provide live video streaming coverage throughout the summer until the conclusion of the 90 day process the Commission is chartered. Stay in touch with the Idaho Legislature Live website for the schedule:


 On June 13 and 14, we kicked off the Idaho Department of Education’s Students’ Come First Technology Task Force Committee also from the Idaho Statehouse. ILL will be covering the full committee’s work via video streaming and its various sub committees via audio-only streaming. The Technology Task Force will continue its work throughout the summer and fall. ILL will be following their important work all along the way. The Committee's hearings can be accessed at:


Major operational funding for Idaho Legislature Live is provided by the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, with addition funding from the Idaho Association of Counties, the Association of Idaho Cities and your contributions to the Idaho Public Television Endowment.


For more information about Idaho Legislature Live, go to:


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Two NW Chapter Emmy's

June 12 2011 by Peter Morrill

  I’m very pleased to announce that on June 11 in Seattle, WA, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Northwest Chapter awarded Idaho Public Television two Emmy Awards for excellence. They were: 

Health/Science - Program/Special, Outdoor Idaho: Eating Local, Thanh Tan, Producer/Writer, Bruce Reichert, Executive Producer.

(To view the program click here: )


Documentary – Historical, Outdoor Idaho: Wooden Boats, Wondrous Lakes, John Crancer, Producer/Writer, Bruce Reichert, Executive Producer.

(To view the program click here: )


 Congratulations to the entire production staff for these significant honors!


NATAS Northwest Chapter also honored the contributions of Lynn Allen, former IdahoPTV Boise Station Manager and Outreach Director. It was a fitting tribute to her thirty years of service.



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Jim Lehrer’s Last Regular Broadcast

June 03 2011 by Peter Morrill


 On Friday, June 3, legendary newscaster Jim Lehrer said good-bye to his regular reporting duties on the PBS NewsHour. Lehrer visited Idaho in 2006 and was interviewed by Marcia Franklin on Dialogue:

Check out the NewsHour’s tribute to Lehrer’s 52 years in journalism:

The Baltimore Sun honored him in the following article:



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