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IdahoPTV Is #1 Most Viewed PBS Station

January 27 2013 by Peter Morrill

 Idaho Public Television has been named the No. 1 most-viewed PBS station in the country, based on Nielsen ratings from November 2012. The statewide system also won 53 national, regional and state awards in 2012, and compared to its public TV peers has a higher percentage of donors per capita. Thank you everyone for helping to make this so.


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Idaho In Session Covers the Legislature and More

January 15 2013 by Peter Morrill

Idaho Public Television opens the doors of government to people throughout Idaho with a combination of broadcast television and online streaming compatible with multiple devices.


IDAHO IN SESSION, the title of the overall service, includes live coverage on-air and/or online and some archived material of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government. LEGISLATURE LIVE is now one part of the expanded service, which is a partnership of IdahoPTV, Idaho Legislative Services and the Idaho Department of Administration.


“We wanted the service to reflect the fact that it wasn’t just the Legislature we are covering,” says Jeff Tucker, IdahoPTV production manager. “This is part of Idaho’s continuing efforts for openness in government.”


LEGISLATURE LIVE continues to offer live television coverage of the Idaho House and Senate when either is in session — see the House floor action on Learn/Create Subchannel 3 and the Senate on World Subchannel 4. Anyone with over-the-air reception of IdahoPTV’s four digital channels can watch the gavel-to-gavel action. The channels also are carried by some cable companies across the state. Watch it online at by computer or iOS and most Android devices.


In addition, Joint Finance – Appropriations Committee (JFAC) and other meetings in the Capitol Auditorium are live video-streamed. Also nine committee rooms in the House and Senate sides are wired for audio-only live streaming.


IDAHO IN SESSION offers a library of archived meetings. Video-on-demand of the Governor’s State of the State Address and live online press conferences are made available through GOVERNOR LIVE.


New in late 2012 is live online coverage of the Idaho Supreme Court when it holds oral arguments in Boise, through JUDICIARY LIVE.


Operational funding for the service is provided by grants from the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, the Union Pacific Foundation, Idaho Association of Counties, Idaho Cable Telecommunications Association, Association of Idaho Cities and your contributions to the Idaho Public Television Endowment.



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