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Emmy Win for Outdoor Idaho's Salmon River Lodges and Legacies

June 03 2012 by Peter Morrill

Congratulations to producer John Crancer and all of the IdahoPTV production team — OUTDOOR IDAHO's Salmon River Lodges & Legacies earned a Northwest Regional Emmy Award tonight (June 2). The awards were announced at the Northwest Chapter of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences dinner near Seattle.


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5 Regional Emmy Nominations, 9 WorldFest and 17 Idaho Press Club Awards

April 29 2012 by Peter Morrill

I’m very proud to let you know that Idaho Public Television has been honored by three organizations: the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: Northwest Chapter (NATAS), Worldfest Houston and the Idaho Press Club. In order, the awards include:


Idaho Public Television has received five Northwest Regional Emmy Award nominations.

The award winners will be announced during the June 2 Northwest Chapter of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards Banquet at Snoqualmie Casino near Seattle.


Nominated are:

--     Idaho Public Television, Peter W. Morrill, General Manager; Station Excellence category. This is the third consecutive Station Excellence nomination in three years.

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “Salmon River Lodges & Legacies,” John Crancer, producer; Historic/Cultural Program/Special category.

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “The People’s Land,” Bruce Reichert, producer; Public/Current/Community Affairs Program Special category.

--     THE COLOR OF CONSCIENCE: HUMAN RIGHTS IN IDAHO, Marcia Franklin, producer; Documentary-Topical category.

--     THE COLOR OF CONSCIENCE: HUMAN RIGHTS IN IDAHO, Marcia Franklin, writer; Writer-Program category.


Idaho Public Television also recently collected nine Remi Awards during the recent 45rd annual WorldFest Houston Independent International Film Festival, including three first-place Platinum Remi Awards and a Special Jury Award.


SKY ISLAND was chosen for a Special Jury Award for creative excellence. All Special Jury Awards are also eligible for consideration in the Grand Remi competition, the festival’s highest award.


Other IdahoPTV winners are:

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “Working for Wildlife,” Platinum Remi

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “Flying Idaho,” Platinum Remi

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “Wilderness in the 21st Century,” Platinum Remi

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “Canyonlands Calling,” Gold Remi

--     OUTDOOR IDAHO “Idaho Fairways,” Gold Remi

--     D4K, Gold Remi

--     IDAHO REPORTS, Silver Remi

--     DIALOGUE, Silver Remi




WorldFest is the third-oldest international film festival in North America and the oldest independent film festival in the world. The contest features 10 major categories with 200 competition sub-categories.


And finally on April 28, the Idaho Press Club, awarded their Best of 2011 Annual Awards including seventeen awards to Idaho Public Television including:



2nd Joan Cartan-Hansen, Al Hagenlock, Jay Krajic, Sue Nass, Pat Metzler - Idaho Public Television - "D4K: Snakes"

3rd Marcia Franklin, Melanie Corry, Ricardo Ochoa - Idaho Public Television - "Dialogue: Captured by the Taliban"



2nd Bruce Reichert, Pat Metzler, John Crancer, Jay Krajic, Hank Nystrom, Aaron Kunz, Jeff Tucker - Idaho Public Television - "Outdoor Idaho: The People's Land"



1st Marcia Franklin, Jay Krajic - Idaho Public Television - "Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho"

2nd Pat Metzler, John Crancer, Jay Krajic, Chuck Cathcart, Kris Millgate - Idaho Public Television - "Outdoor Idaho: Boat Builders"

3rd Marcia Franklin, Jay Krajic, Dave Butler - Idaho Public Television - "Outdoor Idaho: Writers at Harriman"



1st Bruce Reichert, Pat Metzler, Kris Millgate, Hank Nystrom, Dave Butler - Idaho Public Television - "Outdoor Idaho: Working for Wildlife"

2nd John Crancer, Chuck Cathcart, Bruce Reichert, Cassandra Groll, Janette Crancer, Dave Butler - Idaho Public Television - "Outdoor Idaho: Eyes of the Forest"



1st Joan Cartan-Hansen, Ricardo Ochoa, Melanie Corry, McKenna Lowe - "Idaho Public Television - "Dialogue: Budget Cuts 2011"

3rd Greg Hahn, Seth Ogilvie, Kara Veit, Bruce Reichert, Jeff Tucker, Cassandra Groll - Idaho Public Television - "Idaho Reports"



1st Marcia Franklin - Idaho Public Television - "Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho"

3rd Joan Cartan-Hansen - Idaho Public Television - "D4K: Snakes"



1st TIE

Jay Krajic - Idaho Public Television - "Outdoor Idaho: Salmon River Lodges and Legacies"



1st Sauni Symonds - Idaho Public Televsion - "Heli-Skiing"



2nd Cassandra Groll - Idaho Public Television - "Idahoptv"


Public Relations


2nd Lisa Sommer, Anne Peterson & Bob Evancho - Idaho Public Television - "Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho"



2nd Idaho Public Television - "D4K"



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Edward R. Murrow Regional Awards Honors The Color of Conscience

April 12 2012 by Peter Morrill

A big congratulations to The Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho team for being honored with a regional Edward R. Murrow Award. The Edward R. Murrow Awards are sponsored by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA). An initial review of the awards list suggests that Idaho Public Television; KCET, Los Angeles; and WPBA, Atlanta were the only three public television stations honored this year in the fourteen RTNDA regions.


For a complete rundown of the RTNDA honorees, check out:


You can watch The Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho by clicking:

The Color of Conscience website is located:


The Color of Conscience is an hour-long Idaho Public Television documentary that looks at the development of the modern human rights movement in Idaho. It features the story of a small group of concerned citizens who fought against the Aryan Nations, ultimately bankrupting the neo-Nazi supremacist group in north Idaho. The program also examines some of the current human rights issues in Idaho, such as gay rights, immigrant rights and hate crimes.


Major funding for this program was provided by: Idaho National Laboratory, The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation and the Idaho Public Television Endowment.


Again, a big congratulations to our talented IdahoPTV staff!


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5 Telly Awards Given to IdahoPTV

April 05 2012 by Peter Morrill

Telly Awards

IdahoPTV Programs

I’m very proud to announce IdahoPTV has been awarded five honors from the Telly Awards. Bronze Awards were recently given to the following productions:


The Color of Conscience, Social Responsibility 

Outdoor Idaho “Salmon River Lodges & Legacies,” Travel and Tourism

Outdoor Idaho “Canyonlands Calling,” Information

Outdoor Idaho “Boat Builders,” Miscellaneous

Sky Island, Documentary


The Telly Awards was founded in 1978 to honor excellence in local, regional and cable TV commercials. The Telly is one of the most sought-after awards by industry leaders, from large international firms to local production companies and ad agencies. Last year, we were awarded with four Telly Awards. Congrats to our great team!


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Shout Out to Leg Live Funders!

March 10 2012 by Peter Morrill

As the legislative session heads into its finally few weeks, I want to take this opportunity to formally thank the funders of our Legislature Live service both on-air and on-line.


Major operational support for Legislature Live has been provided by the Idaho State Broadcasters Association. Additional support is provided by Union Pacific, Idaho Association of Counties, Association of Idaho Cities, the Idaho Cable Telecommunications Association and your contributions to the Idaho Public Television Endowment.


It goes without saying that these group have made all the financial difference in the world in our ability to provide this very important service.


On March 9, Idaho Reports produced a fun segment that profiled the Legislature Live service. It begins 12:12 into the program can be viewed at:


(Please note that at 15:10, our major funder was incorrectly identified. It is the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, not the Idaho School Board Association. We thank the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, and all of our ILL funders, for their contributions to make this service possible!)


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