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Backup Power Project

October 14 2011 by Peter Morrill

 Over the summer and early fall, there has been much activity around the installation of an emergency backup power system for the Network Operations Center (NOC) in Boise. All the broadcast and internet programming and telecommunication control signals that we provide to the state originate here. I’m pleased to let you know the project was completed in September. The sophisticated system provides an extremely “smooth” power stream to the NOC through the combined technologies of a large uninterruptable power supply (UPS), an associated flywheel generator, and 185KW diesel generator all monitored by a computer management system. These new devices will provide at least 72 hours of uninterrupted power.  

It got its first real-world workout on Monday, September 12 when the downtown Boise area experienced a series of power outages. I’m pleased to report IdahoPTV’s Network Operations Center continued without interruption. Wahoo! Funding for this project was made possible through a competitive grant of $300,000 from the now defunded U.S. Department of Commerce’s Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP).



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