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D4K Digs Deep Into Geology

January 12 2012 by Peter Morrill

Idaho is known as “The Gem State” for good reason. You can find more than 240 different minerals in the state. Some are very rare and valuable. Others play an important role in our everyday life.

 On Tuesday, January 17, at 2pm/1pm MT/PT, D4K host Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guest scientists will answer questions about geology. Cartan-Hansen is joined by Reed Lewis, a geologist from the Idaho Geological Survey at the University of Idaho, and Megan Dixon, an instructor from the College of Idaho.


Students can watch the show over the air or on the D4K website:


 They can send questions through email to, fax them in before the show to (208) 373-7245, or call in live during the program to (800) 973-9800. Shortly after the show, students can view a Web-only video with Lewis and Dixon answering questions that were not part of the on-air broadcast.


 The D4K website provides educational materials throughout the season. Students can access more information and facts about each topic, links, reading lists, a glossary, podcasts of programs, video shorts, full episodes and special D4K Web-exclusive programming.


Sponsor: The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation


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