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Go Change That Bulb!

December 11 2011 by Peter Morrill

Idaho Public Television’s technical crew go to great lengths to ensure you receive excellent digital television services all over our state.


In mid December, one of the strobe lights on top of our Deer Point tower, near Chair #1 at Bogus Basin, needed changing. Functioning lights are required by both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

 So on Thursday, December 8, a tower crew snow machined into the site, climbed the 350 foot structure, with 25 mile an hour winds blowing and sub freezing temperatures.

 The replacement incandescent light bulb costs about $250 and last about two and a half years. In the future, perhaps as soon as next summer, we’re hoping to begin using new generation LED bulbs. The upside is that they last much longer, up to ten years, but cost much more…about four times as much plus needed high altitude electrical work. We think that it will be well worth the investment in tower crew climbing costs and hazards!


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