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Moments in time from the Lewis & Clark journals begin airing May 20

May 06 2004 by Peter Morrill

Using their own actual words and phrases, IdahoPTV retraces the steps of America's foremost explorers, as they set out from St. Louis in May of 1804, "destined for the discovery of the interior of the continent of North America."

The thirty-six video segments – each a minute in length – move the Expedition through the Dakotas, through Montana and Idaho, to the Pacific Ocean, and back to St. Louis in September of 1806.

Using stunning video including aerials and re-creations, these "Moments in Time" give viewers a real sense of what the Expedition encountered two hundred years ago.

"These segments are like our own Hubble Telescope," said Bruce Reichert, producer for Idaho Public Television. "They lift us out of the present and transport us back in time, to America's first great road trip."

"Moments in Time" will air nightly at 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm for thirty-six weeks starting May 20.


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