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New Series WILLIAM & MARY Airs On Sundays

December 28 2011 by Peter Morrill


Airs Sundays at 6:00/5:00 p.m. MT/PT


                William Shawcross (Martin Clunes) is a widower searching for love, but his quest is complicated by his job. Not many women want to date an undertaker. Mary Gilcrest (Julie Graham) is a midwife and divorced mother of two boys who has a more ambivalent approach to the whole idea of dating. But she is cautiously prepared to give it a go to find the right man.

                WILLIAM AND MARY is the romantic comedy drama of how these two people meet and fall in love while life throws various challenges that test their devotion to each other. William has two daughters, one a teenager who is eager to explore her sexuality. Mary has issues with her mother and her ex-husband. And her oldest son is eager to help William’s oldest daughter explore her sexuality.

“This is a lovely series, filled with fully developed, flawed and believable characters; real world conflicts; unforced humor and true emotion,” writes a reviewer. “These are real people, basically good and decent, but equipped with the limitations and blind spots that hamper us all. … Martin Clunes has a genius for fully inhabiting his characters and his William is a delightful teddy bear of a man and a safe haven of generosity and kindness. Mary is prickly and demanding, but she is redeemed by her vitality, commitment, bravery and passion. They offset each other perfectly.”


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