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OUTDOOR IDAHO Celebrates 25 Years

October 29 2007 by Peter Morrill

Outdoor Idaho 25th Anniversary logoOur popular Outdoor Idaho has kicked off its 25th season on the air with a program called "A Middle Fork Journey." One of the strengths of Outdoor Idaho has always been its willingness to take viewers around the state, and the new 25th season will be no exception.

25 years in TV-land is a long time, but there's no slowing down for Outdoor Idaho, with great new upcoming shows on . . .

wildfires . . .

motorized Idaho . . .

birds . . .

extreme sports . . .

and Idaho's Yellowstone, to name just a few.

And check out the new Outdoor Idaho website which features some wonderful streaming video segments and a monthly online Outdoor Idaho program!

Happy 25th Anniversary, Outdoor Idaho. And thanks for the memories.


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