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Seven Emmy Nominations

April 16 2007 by Peter Morrill

Over the past weekend, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Northwest Chapter, announced their 2007 Emmy nominations. We got seven. Not bad for a small production team, when you consider we only submit eight or nine entries a year, because of the cost.

Many of those 60 plus categories don't apply to us, like "Live Sports Coverage" and "Anchor-Weather."

So, without further ado, here are our Emmy nominations for the past season's work:

  • Dialogue for Kids (D4K) [Children/Youth program]
  • Outdoor Idaho: Palouse Paradise [Historic/Cultural]
  • Outdoor Idaho: Cycling Idaho [Sports-Program/Documentary]
  • Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out In Idaho [Special Event]
  • Outdoor Idaho: Trip to the Moon [Information]
  • Outdoor Idaho: Trip to the Moon [Writing, Program Length]
  • Dialogue for Kids (D4K) Web Extra [Advanced Media: Children/Youth/Teens]***

***As this was the only nominee, I think we say it is a WINNER!

There is nothing more "collaborative" than television. It takes good producers, shooters, editors, graphics and web people, and engineers.

It also takes solid accountants, transcribers, press folks, and someone to raise the money.

In other words, it takes a great team that actually care about local programs and give it more than lip service.

I'm happy to say, we have all of the above.


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