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Shout Out to Leg Live Funders!

March 10 2012 by Peter Morrill

As the legislative session heads into its finally few weeks, I want to take this opportunity to formally thank the funders of our Legislature Live service both on-air and on-line.


Major operational support for Legislature Live has been provided by the Idaho State Broadcasters Association. Additional support is provided by Union Pacific, Idaho Association of Counties, Association of Idaho Cities, the Idaho Cable Telecommunications Association and your contributions to the Idaho Public Television Endowment.


It goes without saying that these group have made all the financial difference in the world in our ability to provide this very important service.


On March 9, Idaho Reports produced a fun segment that profiled the Legislature Live service. It begins 12:12 into the program can be viewed at:


(Please note that at 15:10, our major funder was incorrectly identified. It is the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, not the Idaho School Board Association. We thank the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, and all of our ILL funders, for their contributions to make this service possible!)


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