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Sneak Peek at “Idaho Geology, a Convergence of Wonders”

February 18 2012 by Peter Morrill

Elephant's Perch, Idaho

One of the privileges of living in Idaho is experiencing the diversity of our amazing landscape. Now, most of us probably snoozed through our geology classes. So, to make up for those indiscretions, the Outdoor Idaho team has been working for the last year capturing the remarkable story of how our state came to be.

Bonnichsen and Godchaux

Through stunning HD video and compelling interviews with such renowned experts as  geologists Bill Bonnichsen and Marty Godchaux, this hour-long show premiering on Thursday, March 8, will leave you amazed  and delighted.


I’ve been told by Executive Producer and host Bruce Reichert that “Idaho Geology, a Convergence of Wonders” is the most complex program the Outdoor Idaho team has ever produced. That’s their way of telling me not to expect it completed until the last possible moment!


But I think I know what they mean. Take this past week’s efforts, for example.


Blue Heart Springs, Idaho

They traveled with scuba gear to Blue Heart Springs near Hagerman to witness first-hand the crystal clear water all bubbling from the Snake River aquifer, at a year-round temperature of 58 degrees. Frankly, it looks like you’ve been transported to the Bahamas! Check out this Facebook movie:


Black Magic Canyon, Idaho

A few days later, the crew took on a very different assignment. They trekked to the remote Black Magic Canyon, near Shoshone, which offers the eye a vast array of complex, water-sculpted basalt rock forms.


“Idaho Geology, a Convergence of Wonders” premiers at 8pm on Thursday, March 8. Be sure to watch!


Funding is provided by the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, contributions to the Friends of Idaho Public Television and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with special additional funding from INL and the Idaho Public Television Endowment.



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