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Missionaries Abroad

Roy AtwoodVern LenzJack Kaufman
Roy Atwood
Vern Lenz
Jack Kaufman

"Every time I hear discussions where there are all these different perspectives brought in, it is usually Christianity that gets bashed by name by specific people and then what we all want to do is to say is that there’s truth in all the religions out there. I think what you have to recognize is that that kind of advocacy is polytheism, that’s what you’re advocating. And the problem that Christians have with that is that when they look at the scriptures and see Jesus saying 'No man comes to the Father but by me,' there’s an exclusivity in the Christian faith that says, not all paths lead to God or to enlightenment . . ." (Roy Atwood)

"As we proceed to places like Iraq, like Afghanistan, and the places where we go, I very strongly believe that the best Christian, the best faith-based efforts of any kind are the ones that give with no strings attached and that simply go to help with medical aid, with material aid, and if they’re not doing it that way then they’re doing it wrong." (Vern Lenz)

"Why is Franklin Graham taking Bibles over to the Muslims? I can only assume that the reason they’re using their resources, their time, their energies, is that they believe, in short they have faith that their belief is the better belief, or the best belief that’s available. I certainly believe that." (Jack Kaufman)

In some communities across the world, missionaries may be the only Americans. That can make them both the carriers of U.S. values and the targets for terrorism. In addition, there are different kinds of missionaries, those that concentrate on conversion and those that focus solely on doing "good works."

Humanitarian aid delivered by faith-based groups