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Faith and War

Colleen MahoneyTaro GoldenDavid Peck
Colleen Mahoney
Taro Golden
Idaho Falls
David Peck

"I believe that war is incompatible with the teachings and example of Christ. And he said, 'Love your neighbor as yourself,' and he told us to pray for those who persecute us." (Colleen Mahoney)

"So sometimes, the scriptures say turn the other cheek. I’m a clergyman and I preach from the pulpit that you turn the other cheek. But you only got two cheeks and you can’t keep turning or you won’t be able to eat dinner. And so at some point you have to defend yourself." (Taro Golden)

"And so I guess my religious problem is: who made me a divider of goods? Who appointed the United States to be the one that possesses the truth and wisdom necessary to understand and deal out the fates of people around the globe?" (David Peck)

War divides. And as the comments from our salons suggest (above), nowhere is this more apparent than in the discussions people have about war.

"War is hell," as Hal Kreps of Caldwell put it. And so is the struggle to come to terms with it as a way of dealing with other people. What makes for a just war? Do the conditions in Iraq make for a just war? What does my faith teach me about war in general? How can my faith help guide me in evaluating this particular war?

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