February 24, 2011

Revolution In Egypt

Marcia Franklin and her guests discuss the latest developments in the recent revolution in Egypt, where protesters successfully ousted President Hosni Mubarak, who assumed office in 1981 after the assassination of then-President Anwar Sadat.

Franklin's guests are Ahmed Mohamed, an Egyptian native teaching at Renaissance High School in Boise; Matthew Whoolery, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at BYU-Idaho, who taught at the American University in Cairo from 2004 through 2007; and retired U.S. Air Force Col. Ralph Getchell, who from 1996-1999 served at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo as an adviser to the U.S. ambassador and Egyptian government on military aid programs.

Franklin and her guests will look at the political and historical factors leading up to Mubarak's downfall, what may be next for the country and the region, and the military and economic relationship our country has with Egypt.