October 30, 2003

Alternative Health

Americans are spending 48 billion dollars a year on alternative medicines. From dietary supplements and herbal remedies to meditation and acupuncture, alternative medical practices have become increasingly popular. Twenty percent of U.S. hospitals are now offering some form of complementary or alternative therapy in conjunction with their conventional medical treatments.

More people want to take charge of their health care needs and some are choosing unconventional options. A new FRONTLINE documentary titled "Alternative Fix" examines this trend.

We'll talk to a panel of local medical professionals to see what is available to Idahoans and find out what they have to say about these treatments. Joining Joan Cartan-Hansen are guests Robin Dodson PhD., Chief Academic Officer of ISU Boise Center and Dean of Health Sciences Continuing Education for Idaho State University; Timothy Sawyer, M.D., radiation oncologist and medical director for Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center; Norman Zuckerman M.D., medical oncologist for St. Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute; and Andrew Myers, N.D., naturopath.