School Budget Cuts

By District, as of June 2010

School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds
1 Ada Nine schools will start later in the day for bus consolidation 3 furlough days All pay frozen Cuts to central office staff, not replacing several staff positions, eliminating one couselor postion at 3 of 4 high schools, several building administrators None None Consolidating bus routes Cut by 14 million, can't buy new textbooks or library books, reducing supply budgets including athletic, 100 retirees $4,584,899.00
2 Meridian School year will be shortened by three days at the end of the year Total of seven furlough days, includes three school days 3.6% salary decrease due to furlough also affects administration and classified Did not fill 10.1 positions at district office; could not lay off teachers or leave positions unfilled because the district is at the state minimum Cut textbook purchases to prevent cutting programs Are considering using $4 million dollars of levy money to subsidize activities, will hold a special election Needed to save 1.5 million, overall consolidation of busing services, fewer stops, further miles off main roads, elimination of mid-day kindergarten busing Total reduction in budget: $19 million. Funding from state will be essentially be the same as 2006, and since then the district grew by 5,000 students. Per pupil allocation decreasing from $4,900 to $4,300 per student. $5,969,628.00
3 Kuna                 $812,477.00
11 Meadows Valley, Adams Co                 $55,659.00
13 Council District, Adams Co School year will end 7 days earlier 7 furlough days Teachers and classified cut 4% admintrators 6.5%. Medical contributions substantially cut. Lost two positions and cut hours for non-certified postions Eliminated Jr High sports, softball, baseball and cheerleading Already have a pay to play program in place No field trips Can't purchase new textbooks $66,918.00
21 Marsh Valley District, Bannock Co                 $251,911.00
25 Pocatello District, Bannock Co All day, every other day kindergarten, starting one week later 7 to 12 days depending upon position 5% pay cut Lost 22 people, reduced hours or days for another 60 positions, reduced some coaching positions Increasing all extra curricular participation fees   Eliminated all mid day shuttles for classes Cut supplies by 25%. $2,155,970.00
33 Bear Lake Co District   2 furlough days Cuts from last year remain in place. One layoff None Already requires fees to participate   Forced to limit bus trips and reduce supply budgets. $230,656.00
41 St. Maries District, Benewah Co                 $224,926.00
44 Plummer/Worley Joint District, Benewah Co School year six days shorter Six furlough days, will not affect instructional time Cut stipdend for Masters degree Two retiring certified positions will not filled, 2 classified employees were not rehired, combined two positions into one. No eliminations, but reducing the number of games for middle school sports Started a pay to play program last year.   Health care costs will increase. $100,873.00
52 Snake River District, Bingham Co                 $350,244.00
55 Blackfoot District, Bingham Co   None All salaries are frozen Not filling retiree slot, reductions in administration by .6% None Increasing fees for trasportion Eliminated routes, reduced contractual obligations by 5% No new textbooks, cutting building and custodial budgets $778,831.00
58 Aberdeen District, Bingham Co Going to all day every other day kindergarten Nine furlough days for certified staff, five days for classified staff 5% Not filling an open posiiton Middle school sports tied to community fundraising (Aberdeen Youth Associaiton) Increasing pay to play fees. No changes planned Can't afford new carpets,computers, or textbooks $158,509.00
59 Firth District, Bingham Co Cut 10 student days and added 12 minutes to each day None 2.36% across the district pay cut None None Still negotiating a possible pay to play increase No mid-day kindergarten busing, only one way parents pick up one way Supply textbook andtechnology budgets cut $153,833.00
60 Shelly District, Bingham Co Cutting 3 days of school, may lengthen the day by 5 minutes 3 furlough days 1.8% across the district None None Increasing fees to participate in extra curricular activities No mid-day kindergarten bussing, only one way parents pick up one way   $376,059.00
61 Blaine Co No changes No None Not filling open positions None No changes No changes planned Taking a hard look at the effectiveness of all programs $583,115.00
71 Garden Valley District, Boise Co                 $69,088.00
School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds
72 Basin District                 $92,742.00
73 Horseshoe Bend District Four day school week No, unless holdbacks None One full time to become part time due to program drop off Still working on the budget, cutting down on the amount of travel for athletics, no field trips Increasing fees to participate in extra curricular activities No field trips Federal stimulus funds not spent last year will help with this year's budget $78,729.00
83 West Bonner County District                 $285,015.00
84 Lake Pend Oreille School District, Bonner Co No Changes No None Eliminated 1.5 administrators, four staff at Sandpoint High School, one at Clark Fork High School and one at Sandpoint Middle School None No changes Will not be busing to afternoon kindergarten 1.1 million eliminated from budget, forcing the district to make cuts in extracurricular activities and travel $721,886.00
91 Idaho Falls District, Bonneville Co   6 furlough days for teachers, 3-9 days for other staff 3.2% pay cut for teachersothers 3.2%-3.6%   Eliminated 7th and 8th grade sports   Eliminating transportation to events within a 50 mile radius Cutting almost a million from supplies, training, professional development, eliminate class size reduction aides, no field trips, no school health tech aides in elementary school, no technology assistants in computer labs, no technology aides in junior high, no high school media center aides, preschool programs cut to 4 days a week $1,754,863.00
92 Swan Valley Elementary                 $18,978.00
93 Bonneville District                 $1,649,441.00
101 Boundary County District Already on 4 day school week (since 2005) 3 fuloughs for teachers 2 for custodians about 2% Two teacher positions, one 1/2 time secretary     Eliminating kindergarten bus routes and consolidated two routes Elimnating most travel and most classroom supplies (increase of liability insurance) reducing summer maintenance, eliminated field trips, may eliminate a rural school $330,159.00
111 Butte County School schedule reduced by two weeks 10 furlough days 6.70% Not replacing retirees None Have a pay to play program Shortened routes Cut summer cleaning crew, using personal cars rather than district cars at no reimbursement $111,512.00
121 Camas County None No 3% salary across the board Not filling retiree slot, reductions in administration None Have a pay to play program No changes planned Forced to cut supplies $52,129.00
131 Nampa District, Canyon Co   2 furlough days for teachers, 3 for Adminstrators 1.1% cut, plus increase in health insurance costs May lose some special education classified staff       Cut 3.4 million dollars from supplies and other budgets $2,546,025.00
132 Caldwell District, Canyon Co Combined half days to whole days 10 furlough days Teachers allowed to move up on pay scale and then furloughed, percentage cut based on where they are on the scale, administration salaries frozen and furloughed, district absorbing increases in medical costs Not filling most vacant postions None No changes No changes Reduced supplies and building maintainance budgets $1,100,343.00
133 Wilder District, Canyon Co                 $94,405.00
134 Middleton District Eliminated three days and added extra minutes to each school day 5-8.5 furlough days 2.5% cut for teachers, 4.5% cut for staff and 6% cut for administrators 6.5 FTE through retirement and resignations, 1.1 administrative FTE through reassignment and resignations and 7 classified FTE through elimination of positions   $7 program fee for elementary school, small increase in breakfast and lunch prices No field trips and no funding for all extracurricular activities outside Treasure Valley   $543,729.00
135 Notus District                 $89,552.00
136 Melba District Went through a realinement of the district 5 furlough days   Eliminated one middle school principal, one teacher, one classified position, eliminated some driver benefits Eliminating music programs No changes Looking at cutting back pay for bus drivers and changing routes Still looking at things to cut. $146,938.00
137 Parma District Cutting six days from calendar None 3.16% across board None Eliminated drug prevention programs Lunch rates going up Consolidating bus routes Had to cut the paper budget. $211,408.00
139 Vallivue District   2 fulough days across the boards Freezing salary schedule Reduced 28 certified postions and 25 classified positions mostly through attrition with 6 people actually being laid off Hiring fewer instructional coaches No changes Continue with changes to Kindergarten   $1,161,079.00
148 Grace Joint District,                 $106,458.00
149 North Gem District None No Salary schedule frozen None None Yes Eliminated noon Kindergarten route Had to increase supplimental levy, facing cuts in supplies, textbooks, etc. $57,520.00
150 Soda Springs Joint District Cut four days from school year No 4% across the boards Not replacing one position None Increased activity fees, registration fees, school lunch costs up 25 cents No changes Increased amount each individual pays on benefits by 10% for all staff $171,415.00
151 Cassia County Joint District Cut five days from school year 8 furlough days             $988,903.00
School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds
161 Clark County Joint District Four day week No 6.63% for teachers Eliminated one administrator and Superintendent cut $3000 from his contract Eliminating funding for all athletics Increasing all fees, including lunch Eliminated one bus route entirely (left with 2) Still short $127,000 dollars, don't know how to make it up. $60,756.00
171 Orofino Joint District None Two furlough days   Did not replace open positions Yes, and closed one school       $267,012.00
181 Challis Joint District Cut 3 days at request of patrons No None Not replacing staff who are leaving, reduced one position to part time None Increasing gate fees for games No changes This is a really long and difficult process, appreciate community support. $111,542.00
182 Mackay Joint District                 $62,547.00
191 Prairie Elementary District                 $4,510.00
192 Glenns Ferry Joint District                 $104,217.00
193 Mountain Home District                 $684,170.00
201 Preston Joint District                 $428,542.00
202 West Side Joint District   None No salary increases or decreases. Haven't replaced two retirees, 12 paraprofessional layoffs Cuts in special education Increasing pay to play fees for sports to $75 used to be $50 No change   $122,506.00
215 Fremont County Joint District   None No change, a supplimental levy will keep things the same for two years. Not replacing retired teachers Trying to reduce travel Fees were increased last year, they will remain at that level Trying to consolidate a couple of routes due to state audit   $460,242.00
221 Ind District of Emmett   Furloughs for teachers and staff, but students not affected Certified cut 5%, 6.5% administration cut, 4% cut in classified Yes, declining enrollment, 9.5 teachers, also classified Eliminated the safe and drug free program Pay to play program is already in effect at $35/sport, might go up not decided yet Cut field trips, 10% cut to department, also studying whether to cut a route   $503,460.00
231 Gooding Joint District                 $215,121.00
232 Wendell District   13 furlough days, 6 of which are student days 6.84% due to furlough days. No layoffs, some paraprofesionals left & won't be replaced None Pay to play program approved, a specific fee has not been settled on yet. Transportation cut 10%, no field trips without fundraising   $213,834.00
233 Hagerman Joint District                 $96,049.00
234 Bliss Joint District                 $50,623.00
242 Cottonwood Joint District   10 furlough days, will not affect instructional time 5% cut plus furlough days Cut a half-time position, and 4 classified Cutting travel time and distance No changes No cuts District officials worry there is a lack of long-term planning $101,657.00
243 Salmon River Joint District                 $48,184.00
School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds
244 Mountain View District   10 furlough days, 8 of them student contact days Decreased benefit package and furlough days combined for a 5.3% cut 1 non-certified, 3 teachers, two vacant positions not filled 10% cut in activities budget, reduced pay for coaches Pay to play fees increased by 20% Large district in area, which makes busing difficult Had to close White Bird Elementary School last year $256,181.00
251 Jefferson County District School day 15 minutes longer, School year 7 days shorter, could be more if there is a holdback Staff could potentially work 20 fewer days than last year Teachers paid as if there are 13 furlough days in anticipation of a holdback. If holdback doesn't occur teachers will be reimbursed for some of those days in May or June 12.5 teachers and 2 administrators, also reducing classified. Most taken care of through attrition Reduced stipends paid to extracurricular staff by 5% Increased participation fee to $125 per activity Minor route consolidation, last year tried alternating day kindergarten, this year eliminated mid-day kindergarten without a bus Due to fewer teachers there will be an increase in class size, especially in elective classes such as Spanish $829,415.00
252 Ririe Joint District   Awaiting a decision from the school board Awaiting a decision from the school board Had some employees resign that won't be replaced; not rehiring a number of paraprofessionals None Current pay to play program: $55 in high school $35 in middle school, a cut of coaches fee will help with transportation If the district goes to a four day week, will be reduced, cut to extracurricular transportation   $139,835.00
253 West Jefferson District                 $144,194.00
261 Jerome Joint District Reduced calendar by 10 days, 5 are student days, 3 professional development days, and two holidays (Memorial Day and Labor Day) None Salary schedule reduced by 1%, calendar reduction, total wage reduction 6.2% Didn't fill vacant positions Trying to reduce transportation costs Currently have pay to play, no plan on increasing fees Extracurricular transportation cut 10%, no reductions in pupil to school busing   $604,294.00
262 Valley District                 $145,674.00
271 Coeur d'Alene District                 $1,787,123.00
272 Lakeland School District                 $815,606.00
273 Post Falls District No changes Five furlough days, not affecting instructional time 3.2% cut to certified staff. Not filling vacant certified positions, cut several classified positions Extracurricular budget reduced by $100,000, eliminated B-team middle school sports Currently have pay to play: $25/high school, $15/middle, cap $50 Might have to make staffing adjustments, working on solution for field trips   $964,599.00
274 Kootenai Joint District                 $75,478.00
281 Moscow District   None In negotiations Eliminated three teaching positions None Raised fees last year, no new increase planned. All field trips cut, consolidated routes last year   $415,128.00
282 Genesee Joint District Extended the school day to include a 7th period, which offsets the shortening of the school year by 15 days Two furloughs, one affects students Cut to base salary 1%, and experience and education raises frozen One teaching position and one classified position were reduced through attrition Restricted travel Already have pay to play program: $90 per sport $50 for Jr. High Fewer school days reduce transportation by 8%, eliminating mid-day kindergarten   $78,136.00
283 Kendrick Joint District                 $69,094.00
285 Potlatch District School year shortened by three days Eight furlough days for certified staff Salaries were frozen One part-time teacher and 1 part-time classified Cut spending on travel and equipment School Board is considering a fee increase Regular routes will be maintained   $105,939.00
287 Troy District   Four furlough days not affecting instructional time 5% across the board, 20% cut to Superintendent's salary None None Plans to raise pay to play fees, don't have a final figure yet Will not be affected due to increased athletic fee   $82,029.00
288 Whitepine Joint District   None Salaries frozen, stipendsd reduced for extra curricular activities Three retirements won't be filled Eliminated track and cheerleading programs for Jr. High Don't have a pay to play program and no plans to start one Students must have fundraisers for field trips   $80,509.00
291 Salmon District   None Frozen across the board Four positions eliminated through attrition: three teachers and one classified Will be able to continue programs for two years due to a supplimental levy No changes at this time, may be considered in future Reduced field trips, no changes in pupil to school busing   $185,082.00
292 South Lemhi District   None Froze salaries at last year's level, which was frozen from year before Laid off 3 teacher aides, one teacher retired and is not being replaced Consolidated travel (boys and girls on the same bus), track eliminated, football possibly on the chopping block, fewer games scheduled, all subvarsity coaches volunteering instead of receiving a stipend No changes Bought a van to save money on small field trips.   $43,992.00
302 Nezperce Joint District   Four forlough days, 1.5 will affect students Salaries frozen, plus four furlough days One aide position not being replaced, cutting a secretary position hours None No plans to raise fees No changes at this time   $54,569.00
304 Kamiah Joint District                 $121,422.00
School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds
305 Highland Joint District                 $61,446.00
312 Shoshone Joint District                 $119,317.00
314 Dietrich District School day extended by 12 minutes, school year shortened by nine days, five of which are compensated with the longer school day None 4% cut to teachers and classified, 6.5% cut to administration One teacher, two part time paraprofessionals Cut back on the sports schedules Current pay to play program $25, not looking at increasing the fee due to recently passed levy Field trips eliminated, no change in pupil to school routes To save money the Superintendent drives the bus to activities $62,394.00
316 Richfield District   8 furlough days doesn't affect instructional time 4% salary cut due to furloughs One teacher retired; that spot was filled by shuffling other teachers around Shortened sports schedule by cutting out non-conference games No plans to raise fees Cut back 10%; only one field trip will be funded Total monetary loss to the district is 18-20% $54,917.00
321 Madison District                 $812,492.00
322 Sugar-Salem Joint District                 $276,379.00
331 Minidoka County Joint District                 $762,767.00
340 Lewiston Independent                 $910,562.00
341 Lapwai District                 $114,784.00
342 Culdesac Joint District   Unknown, still in negotiations In negotiation In negotiations In negotiations Looking at options, no decision yet Consolidated routes last year, field trips cancelled, School Board is still working on a budget   $46,113.00
351 Oneida County District                 $189,132.00
363 Marsing Joint District   Seven furlough days, will not affect instructional time 4% reduction in salary or 7 furlough days Eliminated three classified positions, one part time position will not be refilled None Trying to institute pay to play: $40/sport or up to $150 for a family Field trips cancelled, otherwise no change   $177,072.00
364 Pleasant Valley Elem. District                 $4,939.00
365 Bruneau-Grand View Joint                 $95,064.00
370 Homedale Joint District                 $232,723.00
371 Payette Joint District                 $313,590.00
372 New Plymouth District All day kindgergarten is now every other day 3 furlough days, including student days around Thanksgiving and Christmas Salaries are the same as last year. 1.5 teaching positions and 1 classified position eliminated, the district is not replacing people who left Cuts to the athletics budget, trips with 11 or less kids will take a van instead of bus Money saved by purchasing a van to use instead of a bus is helping to offset costs so they don't have to raise fees Cancelled noon route, cut field trips back dramatically unless students can raise the funds to go Total of 8.5% in cuts but the district was able to pass a levy to cover 5% $191,887.00
373 Fruitland School District   Not at this time; however, if the state impliments holdback the district would have to look at furlough days No reductions this year due to supplimental levy Closed an intermediate school which eliminated positions, some people were able to move around in the district. Approximately nine teaching aide positions eliminated, one vice principal, certified nurse, cut one section of pre-1st which eliminated a teacher, one peer mentor position, a half time janitor, reduced counselors to half time None Fees raised from $20/sport to $30/sport Field trips cancelled, may consolidate routes   $312,626.00
381 American Falls School District                 $294,253.00
School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds
382 Rockland District Four day school week with an extended day None Salaries have been frozen One high school teacher retired and will not be replaced Cut the stipend for Jr. high sports coaches, so unless coaches volunteer there will be no sports in Jr. High No increases planned Four day week will cut expenses The district is able to pass a levy every year $54,429.00
383 Arbon Elementary District                 $7,737.00
391 Kellogg Joint District                 $262,592.00
392 Mullan District   None Salaries have been frozen Legally cannot lay anyone off as the district is already operating at the minimal number allowed No cuts thanks to alumni who have helped fund activities, and the Couer d'Alene tribe who supports the school No changes planned Field trips will be able to continue thanks to generous alumni If things continue at the current rate the district would have to declare an emergency in two years $46,618.00
393 Wallace District                 $118,985.00
394 Avery District                 $14,143.00
401 Teton County District Considering lengthening school day by 15 minutes Not decided yet Salaries have been frozen, district able to make up cuts with a supplimental levy No layoffs, the district will not filling positions vacated by retirements 10% cut for extracurricular, shortened seasons, reduced coaching positions Current pay to play program: $30 per sport, no increases planned Eliminated mid-day kindergarten busing, discussing fee for field trips   $293,514.00
411 Twin Falls District                 $1,317,069.00
412 Buhl Joint District School day increased by six minutes School calendar reduced by 6.6%, six instructional days will be cut 6.6% decrease None so far, working on passing a supplimental levy If the district can't pass a supplimental levy they will have to eliminate programs, currently shortening sports schedules, might reduce stipends for coaches and advisors for clubs/music No changes planned Consolidated routes this year, cutting sports schedule will save transportation costs   $233,516.00
413 Filer District School year shortened by four days 10.5 furlough days for staff, will not affect instructional time 5.5% in furlough, Stimulus money is being used to pay teachers for prof development Due to declining enrollment some paraprofessionals are not returning, last year positions were cut at the district office, one vacant teaching position will not be filled Shortening sports schedule, and cutting travel 8% No changes planned Tried to consolidate routes, negotiated with bus service for reduction in cost The district was told to expect cuts next year, so they are working on a two-year budget $275,038.00
414 Kimberly District School year shortened by 10 days 10 furlough days for teachers, no inservice days 5.8% reduction due to furlough None Cut stipends for coaches Pay to play was discussed and administrators decided against it Cutting field trips & travel for extra curricular activities by 10%   $269,971.00
415 Hansen District                 $89,560.00
416 Three Creek Joint Elem. District                 $4,094.00
417 Castleford Joint District                 $77,044.00
418 Murtaugh Joint District                 $63,120.00
421 McCall-Donnelly Joint District   No furlough days Honoring contracts None No plans to change anything Already have pay to play Cannot consolidate because the district is already over the state average for riders; field trips have been cut   $210,480.00
422 Cascade District   No furlough days Salaries were frozen No layoffs, but the district will not fill an open position None Already charges fees to participate in extra curricular activities $23/Jr. High $28/High School No changes   $78,442.00
431 Weiser District   Three furlough days, same days as this 2010 school year, will not affect instructional time 1.5% due to furlough, overall 3%, plus higher health insurance costs One vacant administrative position won't be filled, staff has been reduced in the last two years Reduced coaching positions, reduced salaries, no longer paying to transport students. Participants must raise the money for the driver and fuel Current pay to participate fees: $20/high school $7/middle school No changes This is the 2nd year the district had to make reductions, haven't purchased supplies or textbooks for two years $306,219.00
432 Cambridge Joint District Four day school week Six furlough days for certified staff, some affecting instructional time Reduction through furlough days None None Current pay to play: $20/sport, may be going up Four day week will help with costs, otherwise busing will stay the same, the district was able to fill a vacant position in-house to save money   $50,720.00
433 Midvale District   Four furlough days not affecting instructional time This year 2% due to 4 furlough days, next year possibly 6.8% No layoffs; however some positions will be cut to part-time Fewer games Cut back on renovation and maintenance to avoid raising fees Scaling back on field trips Using a facility fund to get through the year $57,083.00
School District Change in hours Furlough days Change in teacher pay Staff layoffs Program eliminations New fees Bus Services Other New Federal Education Funds


Compiled by Melanie Corry and Joan Cartan-Hansen
Updated September 2010