DIALOGUE'S Lincoln Quiz

Portrait of Abraham LincolnOur guests — Dave Adler, Lisa Brady, and David Leroy — challenge you to test your knowledge of our 16th president. Watch the Web Extra for the answers.

Dave Adler's questions

  1. Name the member of Lincoln's cabinet (and his office) who was known for "Seward's Folly."
  2. Who was Lincoln's Attorney General?
  3. Whom did Lincoln appoint as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?
  4. Did Lincoln, through his Emancipation Proclamation, free "all" of the slaves?
  5. Did Lincoln believe that the President possesses the Constitutional authority to initiate war on behalf of the United States?

Lisa Brady's questions

  1. Near what town was Lincoln born?
  2. What church did Lincoln belong to?
  3. What were the three issues Lincoln based his first state legislature campaign on?
  4. What did Secretary of War Edwin Stanton say upon Lincoln's death?
  5. Artist Chris Killham completed and revealed today (2/12) a portrait of Lincoln for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. What medium did he use?

David Leroy's questions

  1. How many men and women did Lincoln appoint to Idaho Territorial office while he was President?
  2. Lincoln spoke about the Idaho Territory in 1863 and 1864 messages to Congress. Name the four issues he identified.
  3. Lincoln was the 16th President. Who was the 15th and who was the 17th?
  4. How many cases did Lincoln try during his career as a lawyer?
  5. How many children did Abraham and Mary Lincoln have and how many survived into adulthood?

Joan's bonus questions

  1. How many inches wide is the glint in each of Abe's eyes on Mt Rushmore - 10, 20 or 30?
  2. What three careers did Lincoln follow prior to becoming a lawyer?
  3. Daniel Chester French, the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial, carved Lincoln's hands in a specific shape for a special reason. What are the shapes and why that way?

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