Conversations from the Sun Valley Writers' Conference 2005

Since 1995, the Sun Valley Writers' Conference has brought together some of the nation's best-known writers, poets, filmmakers and philosophers to engage an audience in provocative and thoughtful conversations.

The event takes place over four days in August on the grounds and rooms of the Sun Valley Lodge and Sun Valley Inn.

Dialogue host Marcia Franklin has been a regular attendee. In 2005, she interviewed five authors at the conference.

thomas keneally
Thomas Keneally
"I would like to be able to think that we can simply be storytellers, but in being storytellers we are almost inevitably changed into activists."  Learn more . . .

First aired December 1, 2005
robert macneil
Robert MacNeil
"I felt suddenly very defensive about this country, as one does about one's home, and my usual sort of ironic distance from a lot of American things . . . dissolved in me and I was very moved."  Learn more . . .

First aired December 8, 2005
david macaulay
David Macaulay
"You need to develop sensitivity to the world around you so that you can have some control over it. Perhaps that's what I'm ultimately promoting hereā€¦to be in charge, a little bit, of life."  Learn more . . .

First aired December 15, 2005
firoozeh dumas
Firoozeh Dumas
"When we first came to America, everybody we encountered was so kind to us. It was overwhelming, and to me that is the true nature of Americans."  Learn more . . .

First aired December 22, 2005
thomas cahill
Thomas Cahill
"The loss of the Athenian empire, which was very gradual and surprising to the Athenians, reminds me of the situation that America is in right now. I think that we've gone foolishly and thoughtlessly into a needless war, as the Athenians did against the Spartans. They finally ended up losing, which Athens never thought possible."  Learn more . . .

First aired December 29, 2005