Apollo XIV

& Dr. Edgar Mitchell

May 4, 1999

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Listed below are some informational links regarding Edgar Mitchell, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Apollo 14, and space travel. Explore enjoy!

Craters of the Moon lets you peak at our local moon-training terrain. The web-site contains a 5th & 6th Grade curriculum guide which can be down-loaded by chapter, as well as a new full color teachers' guide to the Broken Top Loop Trail.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
NASA's Apollo surface lunar mission journal. Learn all about the Apollo 14 lunar landing. This site has it all; audio clips, video clips, pictures, and other interesting information.

Listen to a brief mission audio from Apollo 14 lunar landing

Brief historical summary of Edgar Mitchell

Debate transcripts of Edgar Mitchell and Richard Hoagland from Art Bell's Coast to Coast Radio Program

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