October 25, 1999

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Great Bat Links!

A Great Bat adventure

See how you can help with conservation efforts to help protect bats!

Bat Conservation International, Inc.

Students of California State University, Hayward's Educational Technology Leadership Graduate Program have put together an excellent site about Bats that includes lesson plans, Bat Quizzes, coloring pages and much more! Check it out!

Bat Conservation Trust: Bat Facts Learn about conservation efforts in the United Kingdom!

A large number of links relating to BATS that are fun and educational at the same time!

Great activities and lesson plans to complement your bat unit!

Eastern Washington Fish and Wildlife's website provides some great information about bats located in Washington!

See what is happening with the Bat Cam!! See an infrared view of the Bat Cave exhibit at the National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C. Updated pictures every minute just hit refresh to see new view!

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