March 27, 2000

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  • The University of Kentucky Department of Entomology has lots of information for the junior entomologist, including some tasty insect snacks, mystery bugs, and monthly entomological advice! Don't forget to check out the insect activities and the "buggy" riddles!

  • The University of Minnesota Extension Office has great information on how to collect and preserve insects. Begin your collection today, and learn about becoming an entomologist!
  • Learn about the most diverse animal life on the planet with BugBios! This site has fantastic pictures with thorough descriptions of a number of insects! There is also a history of insects in art and literature!

  • NOVA explores bees and beehives! Did you know that worker bees have to fly 55,000 miles and tap 2 MILLION flowers to make a pound of honey? Or, that in 1 trip out to collect nectar a worker bee will visit between 50 and 100 flowers? Did you know that there are different kinds of bees? Do bees dance? Learn all this and more at the Tales From the Hive Web site!

  • Using the newest in web technologies including Flash and Quick Time movies, Alien Empires is an incredible site that will capture your attention and hang on! View a bee's anatomy; explore a beehive; watch mayflies go through their life cycle and learn about monarch butterflies migration. Alien Empires examines insects from the inside out and the outside in! Lots of information, plus video clips from the show! This site is a definite high point when investigating insects!

  • The University of Arizona has information sheets on insect resources and background, how to find, raise, and care for insects including information on insects habitats, history, and predators. Teachers can explore how to teach health with insect lesson plans!

    JOIN in with other students and scientists from across the nation in the Journey North project which gathers and analyzes data about the migration of Monarch butterflies across North America. Discover how wind and weather affect the journey and what routes the butterflies take on their return to North America. Help the scientists track the monarch migration! A really fun hands-on project that brings science to life!

  • Insect Drawings at Illinois
    A series of original drawings used some 50 to 60 years ago as teaching aids for entomology at the University of Illinois.

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