November 22, 1999

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Mark McKay Biography

Mark McKay is currently a Staff Engineer for the Remote, Robotics and Automation group at INEEL. He has been with the INEEL since January of 1992 and has been researching robotics for more than 10 years. While at the INEEL Mr. McKay has helped to develop several innovative robotics systems. Some of these include:

      • Reduced Access Characterization System - a small robot to look for floor contamination,

      • The Dual Arm Work Platform - a two arm robot for dismantling an old test reactor, Intelligent navigation for Mobile robots and Multi-agent robot cooperation.
Mr. McKay also helps with an educational outreach program for junior and senior high school students called SCIENCE ENHANCEMENT THROUGH ROBOTICS

Mr. McKay received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1988 and his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1997, both from Utah State University.

Patents include, Novel venturi meter, Small pipe inspection system, Advanced 3D stereo vision system (pending), and Hybrid control (pending)

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