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January 24, 2000

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So what is Sports Medicine? This site answers that question and gives insight as to what fields of study are related to Sports Medicine!


Tennis Sports Medicine Education Programs
So you want to make a career of Sports Medicine? This site has links to LOTS of colleges that offer various degrees related to Sports!

Softball PitcherCountdown to the Olympics! Play games, meet the athletes, explore other cultures and check out some of the "behind-the-scenes" action at the Olympics!

Find out more about the President's Challenge Program! Includes information on all aspects of the Fitness !

Way Cool Running Another great running site, but this one was designed with kids in mind! Find how other kids are staying healthy and active by running!

Games Kids Play A great site for finding out the rules to games and for learning new games!
AppleDole's Five a Day Web site has great information on healthy eating habits, games, puzzles, and coloring pages. Plus there are even lesson plans for your teacher!  

Nutrition on the Web for Teens! This site has great information on basic exercises, teen health, World Nutrition and lots more - Check it out!

The Food Pyramid guide to healthy eating! So how much is a serving? How many fruits and vegetables should I eat? Does ice-cream count as a dairy product or a sugar, or both? Find out here!

Food + fitness = A kid who's healthy and strong! Find out how to be good to your body and have fun, too: you'll find lots of yummy recipes and fabulous facts about staying in shape at Kidshealth!

Nutrition Café is a fun way to learn about eating right and staying healthy!

How does nutrition affect an athlete's performance? What does an athlete need to stay healthy? Find out here at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma Center's Sports Nutrition CornerSports Nutrition Corner.
The "Mechanics" of Sports

WrestlersGet an up-close look at how your knee works with University of Washington's Digital Anatomy Project!

Find out how your body works at The University of Washington's Orthopedics Web site which has video clips and movies detailing how the shoulder or knee works.

This is a link to Sports Medicine FACTS
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