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The North American Bear Center reviews books about bears. Here's what they have to say about their site:

"We looked at a lot of bear books to help steer people to the ones with the most accurate information. We rejected books that presented myths as fact and that were overly speculative about causes of bear behavior. This meant rejecting some beautiful books that were obviously authored by non-experts who did limited homework. A few authors and publishers truly did their homework."

Bears of Alaska

Bauer, Erwin A and Peggy.
Sasquatch Books (March, 2002)

ISBN: 1570612862

The Bauers, well-known wildlife photographers, turn their lenses to Alaska's three bear species: brown (or grizzly), black, and polar. Justifiably proud of the fact that they spend hours in the field to obtain their photographs--instead of relying on photo manipulation-- the authors provide a nice series of images of bears in the wild. Concentrating on the inland grizzlies and their cousins the browns as the most commonly seen species, the photos show the bears in many moods. Pictures of young cubs with their mothers and older cubs learning to fish are among the book's most appealing images. Polar bears are less numerous than the other two species and are found in more remote areas, so are represented by fewer photographs. Well-written captions accompany each photo, explaining the natural history behind the scene, and introductory text provides background on each species. Short sections list the best bear-viewing sites in Alaska and give tips for viewing bears safely.
- Nancy Bent

Field Guide to the Grizzly Bear

Great Bear Foundation, and Lance Olsen.
(Sasquatch Field Guide Series)
Sasquatch Books (May 1, 1992)

ISBN: 0912365552

This guide dispels the myth that grizzly bears are the ferocious attackers some people believe them to be. Instead, it offers a comprehensive guide to acting safely when encountering them in grizzly country and to the pleasures of observing them in their natural habitats.

Movies and More

Champions of the Wild: Primate, Pandas and Bears

2 disk DVD
Not Rated
Run Time: 172 minutes
Timeless Media Group

Spectacular wildlife video showing polar bears, grizzlies, and pandas in the wild. Additional views of primates who will win your heart, as well. Educational for the whole family.

Nature: Bears (1982)

Not Rated
Run Time: 112 minutes
ASIN: B0000CBY03

This documentary takes you to Alaska and Siberia where Grizzly bears are seen hunting and surviving in a world so unlike our own. Watch as humans try to raise orphaned cubs to survive in the wilderness.

Bear Puzzle

Made by Djeco
Age: 24 months and up

Mamma bear and her cubs are waiting for your little one to assemble them together Twelve large wood pieces make this a great project for your new puzzle solver.

Land of the Polar Bear Shaped 1000 Piece Puzzle

Made by Great American Puzzle Factory
Ages 12 and up
ASIN: B000093TUB

1000 pieces make this something the whole family can share together. Beautiful bear shaped puzzle, showing a polar bear family.

Brown Bear-Panda Bear, What Do You See? (Game)

By University Games
Age: 36 months - 8 years

Board game based on the Eric Carle book by the same name. A fun way to introduce children to story sequencing skills and memorization. This game is for 2 - 4 players.

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