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Hey, teachers and students explore the internet and learn more about those birdy raptors - facts, life histories, identifications, sounds, migration patterns, raptor and rehabilitation centers, and games/quizzes for kids!

RaptorThe Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota

Learn what to do with an injured raptor. Take a raptor adventure and look at photos of a raptor being rescued. Listen to hawk, owl, and osprey vocalizations and feel like you are part of the wilderness. Teachers take a closer look at owl pellets with you students and explore a little deeper.

The Peregrine Fund

Learn about the international projects that are taking place with birds of prey. You can click on a map and learn about what is taking place with birds all around the world. Also look at field notes that biologists and students have been working on together.

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

RaptorYou don't want to miss these amazing webcams! Learn about a variety of peregrine falcons and other Canadian raptor species. Find out about the history, myths, lifecycle, migration and flight of these great raptors.

Hawks Aloft, Inc. (Kids Corner)

Take a raptor quiz and see how much you really know! Read stories from other kids about their experiences with raptors. Also look at some raptor artwork that students have created.

Sea World - Busch Gardens Diurnal Birds of Prey

Take a look at a detailed scientific classification chart on diurnal birds of prey. Learn about the anatomy and physiology, along with the diet and eating habits of these amazing birds. This site also offers suggestions on great books.

Audobon Birds and Science

Here you will learn more about Audubon’s bird conservation work. We focus on involving people to find solutions to the challenges faced by birds in the modern world. Why not take part in one of our Citizen Science activities and help provide information to scientists to support our conservation work-we have activities to suit people of all levels of experience, expertise, and available time.

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is devoted to the study and protection of birds. Check out this site to learn more about the Cornell lab and what they actual do. This site also provides news updates, a bird and sound of the week, and also examples of different bird vocalizations.

Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center

RaptorsCheck out some amazing 2D and 3D photos of raptors, with great close-up detailed photos of the raptors' eyes, beaks, claws, feathers, and wings.

The Birds of Prey Foundation

Want insights and need to contact a bird expert? Go to this link and learn what's new! This site has updated information about new discoveries and projects that the foundation is working on.

Introduction to Birds

This is a great introduction site to begin exploring birds of prey. Check out a bird of prey fossil record, life history and ecology, and also learn about systematics.

The Owl Pages

Explore owls, by comparing and learning about the different locations of owls all around the world. Learn about what an owl is and how it works. Even look at some owl artwork and even a photo gallery.

Longevity Records of North American Birds

Ever wonder how long a bird can live? Do you know how to find the oldest bird? Have your questions answered at this site! Look at the longevity records of different species.

A Falconer's Memoir

Falconry is an art. It requires long hours, constant devotion, finesse, subtlety and skill. The falconer must train a bird of prey to fly free, hunt for a human being, and then accept a return to captivity.

Kids Planet

This site includes a fact sheet about wild animals. Click on a location in a continent and explore wildlife behavior. Look at all the different owls that come from around the world.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Learn more about our Nation's bird from its description, feathers, and eyesight, to its migration patterns and feeding habits. There are also great graphics included in this site.

North America Birds of Prey

Check out North American Birds of Prey!

Wild Facts

See images of birds from the United Kingdom. You select the type of bird or animal and then explore the different species from falcons to eagles, to kites, and owls. Learn about the bird’s social behavior, communication patterns, and see if these birds are on the endangered species list. Fun photos and facts included!

Bird Photos

Check out this amazing wall of pictures! You can select any category and start exploring! Select the eagle, buzzard, and hawk category, and see birds of prey. You can even send a postcard for free with a picture of a bird of prey.

Western U.S.

This site includes all Birds of Prey in the Western United States. Learn what to do with an injured bird. Learn how to distinguish the difference between raptor species.

The Nature Museum

This site includes information about food supply, breeding, species diversity, and cultural factors. Learn some keywords that are important when discussing birds of prey. Some other topics include information about types of habitats such as marshes, wetlands, and forests.


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