What Makes A Bird A Raptor?
Fill-In The Blank - solution

  1. Birds belong to a large group of animals called vertebrates.

  2. Birds evolved from a group of vertebrates called reptiles.

  3. All birds grow feathers.

  4. List two functions of feathers:

    fly, stay warm, protect the skin, camouflage, and attract a mate

  5. All birds have wings even birds that cannot fly, such as ostriches and penguins.

  6. List four things that help raptors fly.

    feathers, wings, air sacs, light bones, and a stream lined shape

  7. Raptors have different kinds of beaks depending on the kinds of food it eats.

  8. List four things that raptors might eat.

    insects, fish, small mammals, other birds, rodents, reptiles, and dead animals

  9. All raptors are warm blooded, being able to control and maintain a constant body temperature even if the temperature around them changes.

  10. A bird uses its crop to store undigested food before it enters the stomach, and its gizzard to grind and crush hard nuts, seeds, grains, and other foods.

  11. List three essential traits that make birds of prey different from other kinds of birds.

    hooked beak with sharp edges, keen vision, and feet with sharp talons