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Dinosaur Links

Cool dinosaurOnline exhibits photographs and much more. Visit UCMP for dinosaurs, fossils, and the word of many paleontologists.


Visit the San Diego Natural History Museum for a slide show, a matching game and more.


TheOregon Museum of Science and Industry has a wonderful exhibit with beautiful online photos you will want to visit.

Time stairHow old is the earth, the dinosaurs, rocks, or fossils? Find out by checking the Time Stairway

Fossil wallFossil information can also be found at the San Diego Natural History Museum


Want to see drawings of some of your favorite dinosaurs? Look up dinosaurs from an alphabetical list and while you are there see dinosaurs by the country they lived in. Of course, the dinosaurs didn’t know what country it was going to become!

Click here

Fossils- Facts- and- Finds:Stegasaurus check out this web site for activities and tips for hunting your own fossils. Great for kids, parents, and teachers.

Baby dinosaurWow!! Mummified Dinosaur in its skin!! You wanna see this!!! Click here.

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