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Dinosaur Resources

Big Book of Dinosaurs

DK Publishing Company (1994)

ISBN 9781564587183
ages 7 - 18

BookFull color photographs and easy to read text, makes the Dorling-Kindersley series a popular source of information for kids of all ages.

Fossil-Eyewitness Books

DK Publishing Company (2004)

ISBN 9780756606824 | 02
ages 1 - 18

Learn how fossils are formed and see exciting real life photographs of everything from a dinosaur's toe to pearls that are 50 millions years old.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs the Definitive Pop-Up

Sabuda, Robert (Illustrator); Matthew Reinhart (Illustrator)
Candlewick Publishing (2005)

ISBN: 0763622281

For all ages of lovers of pop-up books Three dimensional illustrations of dinosaurs pop right out to grab your attention. Full color illustrations brought to life by two famous pop-up book makers.

A Dinosaur Named Sue

Relf, Pat (author)
Scholastic (2000)

ISBN: 0439099854
ages 9-12

BooksThis nonfiction book, written with the help of the Sue Science Team of Chicago's Field Museum, discusses the 1990 discovery of a nearly complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, its removal, and transport to the museum for study and reconstruction.

Digging Up Dinosaurs

Aliki (author)
Crowell Publishing (1982)

ISBN: 0763622281
ages 6-8

Take a look at how scientists dig up and preserve dinosaur bones for museums and for study. Colorful illustrations that teach as well as entertain.

National Geographic Dinosaurs

Barrett, Paul (author)
National Geographic (2001)

ISBN: 0792282248
ages 8-12

Up to date reference book with everything you want to know about dinosaurs, plus marvelous illustrations. Hardcover and scientifically accurate.


Long, John A. (author)
Simon & Schuster (2007)

ISBN: 9781416938576
ages 6 - 10

Globe and booksBeautiful illustrations reveal the anatomy of a dinosaur, the process of fossilization and easy text for early readers.


Gallant, Roy A. (author)
Benchmark Books (2001)

ISBN: 0761410414
ages 4 - 8

How fossils are formed, how to read the evidence they leave behind, and other basics. Easy to read text. Part of a series of earth science books.

Bones Rock!: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Paleontologist

Larson, Peter and Kristin Donnan (author)
Invisible Cities Press (2004)

ISBN: 978-1931229357
ages 9-12

A wonderful step by step tour through the process of fossil hunting to digging, to keeping records, to some of the most famous of dinosaur bones.

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