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Habitat Resources

Animal Habitats! (Williamson Little Hands Series)

Raccoon readsPress, Judy (Author)
Williamson Books (2005)

Ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 0824967569

Explore animal habitats through art and creative play. Learn about various habitats of North America

Pond Animals (Animals in Their Habitats)

Galko, Francine (Author)
Heinmann (2002)

Ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 1403404380

Find out how mammals, birds, amphibians and insects of the pond habitat live, eat and protect themselves This is one book in a series of habitat themed books.

Kids' Easy-to-Create Wildlife Habitats: For Small Spaces in City-Suburbs-Countryside

Stetson, Emily (Author)
Williamson Books (2004)

Ages 9 - 12
ISBN: 0824986652

Explore the habitat of your own back yard. Find out what animals live there and how they make their homes.

Panda readsThe Magic School Bus Hops Home: A Book About Animal Habitats

Relf, Pat (Author)
Scholastic (1995)

Ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 0590484133

Go with Mrs. Frizzle and her students in The Magic School bus to visit animal habitats.

A Forest Habitat (Introducing Habitats)

Kalman, Bobbie (Author)
Crabtree Publishing (2006)

Ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 0778729796

Bird readsThere's an entire collection of habitat books in this series. It includes grasslands, desert, the arctic, and water habitats.

Cave Animals (Animals in Their Habitats)

Galko, Francine (Author)
Heinmann (2002)

Ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 140340433X

Learn about how animals who call a cave home live. Visit the mammals, insects, fish and others who dwell in caves. Part of a large series of habitat books.

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