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Habitat for Teachers

Napping bearHabitat Sort
Lesson plan features classifying animal crackers into the correct habitat.

The Teacher's Guide to Habitats
In depth guide for teachers on all facets of Ecosystems.

RiverNational Geographic
Great resource for teachers. Lots of information, maps, lesson plans, and help for teachers to create the most up to date lesson plans on habitats.

This companion web site to the popular PBS series NATURE has teacher guides available with numerous lesson plans and activities for teaching about the world around us.

National Wildlife Federation
Build a habitat at your school.

Panda bearHabitats and Food Chains
A look at why animals live where they do.

Niche and Habitat (.pdf)
A chapter from a University of California document for teachers to read and learn further details on the function of a niche.

Living Things in Their Environment
Teacher lesson plan from The Franklin Institute to teach students about ecosystems, habitats, niches, and interactions among living things. Intended for students in grades 8 and up, but could be adapted.

FlamingoUS Fish and Game - Critical Habitats
A Fish and Game document on critical habitats. Well, worth reading.

Happenin' Habitats
An amazing site for teachers. With lessons, ideas, and suggestions for outdoor education.

Marine Habitats
Teacher information for teaching about ocean habitats. Lots of information.

It's a Big Big World
PBS link for parent and teachers.

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