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Teacher robotRobot (DK Eyewitness Books)

DK Publishing

ISBN: 0756602548
Ages 9-12

Explore the world of robots from their earliest creation to the most modern of robotic technologies.


Gifford, Clive (author)
Antheneum Publishing

ISBN: 1416964142
Ages 9 - 12

A complete guide to the world of robots. Find out all they can do, all they have done, and what they might do in the future. .


Gifford, Clive (author)
Kingfisher Publishing

ISBN: 0753456184
Ages 4-8

Learn about all the things robots can do. Learn how you can make one of your own.

Create Your Own Robot: Sticker Activity Book

Flying robotPetruccio, Steven James (author)
Dover Publishing

ISBN: 0486448789
Ages 4-8

Build your own robot using included stickers to make it look just the way you want.

My Little Blue Robot

Johnson, Stephen T. (author)
Silver Whistle Publishing

ISBN: 015216524X
Ages 4-8

Heavy cardboard pop-outs give future robot builders the “tools” to create their own robot. Lots of fun.

Artificial Intelligence

Helicopter robotPerry, Robert L. (author)
Franklin Watts Publishing

ISBN: 0531164683
Ages 9-12

Great book that explores the history of robots, including all our favorites from television and movies.

Space Robots

Vogt, Gregory (author)
Capstone Press

ISBN: 0736891692
Ages 4-8

Great photographs from NASA and lessons for the classroom make this a must-read.

It Could Still Be a Robot

Allan Fowler, Allan (author)
Children's Press

ISBN: 0516204319
Ages 4-8

This book takes a look at what a robot can do that is too boring for a human or too dangerous for humans to attempt.

How To Build a Robot

Gifford, Clive (author)
Franklin Watts Publishing

ISBN: 0531139972
Ages 9-12

Age appropriate explanations for how robots function and the various uses in different industries. Experiments that students can do to relate to the workings of a robot will allow the reader to appreciate how complex these inventions really are.

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