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Robots for Teachers


NASA has some of the best information on robots and artificial intelligence and is home to many robotic projects with lots of pictures and information!


Tryengineering offers a list of lesson plans for teachers to help them with instruction in many areas of engineering and design, including robotics.

LEGO Mindstorms

Kid with blocksThere are plenty of lesson plans, ideas, books and other helps for teachers who want to use LEGO brand building materials for teaching about robots. Check these sites:


Cleaning robotCome take a look at what the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has to share on robots. Lots of great stuff for teachers including lesson plans.

Surprised robotJulian T Rubin

Lesson plans, background information, terms dictionary and science fair projects on lots of artificial intelligence and robotic topics. Scroll down past the advertising to get the best information.

Painting robotsThe Tech Museum of Innovation

Great site for history, art, ethics, and lessons on robotics of all sorts.

University of Texas

Find out all of the different types of robots there are and how they are used. Great site for teachers, parents and kids of all ages.

Discovery Education

The lesson here is intended for students in 6 - 8th grades, but the lesson could be modified as needed.

Pleo the robot dinosaurPleo

See what Popular Mechanics Magazine has to say about Pleo, the robot dinosaur.

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