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Senses Links

Butterfly under magnifying glassWant some great "Senses Activities" to try on your own. Try these out. Click here.

More great experiments to do alone or with a friend. You might need a blindfold. Head for Neuroscience for Kids.

Fun interactive site for kids to relate to the five senses. Drag and drop and listen for clues. Have fun while you learn.

Cook The Five Senses -- Great site for some awesome drawing of the organs that are part of the senses. Click on the cute dog's eyes to see eye information. Click on his tongue to see taste and so on. Lots of great information, as well.

Take a color blindness test.

Bert and Ernie help you explore the senses and other body parts. Interactive game.

78 Optical illusions for your eyes and your brain. You'll be amazed.

Braille Bug --- Learn about Braille, play games, see your name in Braille, lots of fun - learn a whole new way of communication.

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