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Senses Resources

EarFun With My 5 Senses: Activities to Build Learning Readiness

Williamson, Sarah
Williamson Publishing Company; (1998)

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 1885593198

A great preschool book to bring the five sense alive for young children. Lessons and ideas for adults and great pictures for the kids.

How Do You Know?: A Book about the Five Senses

Jayne, Lisa (author)
Tate Publishing (2007)

Ages: all
ISBN: 1602473129

Beautiful illustrations make this a great introduction to the senses. Colorful and fun to look at - a great springboard for writing activities with older kids.

The 5 Senses

Roca, Nuria (author)
Barron's Educational Series (2006)

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0764133128

EyeFollow two children's adventures as they learn about the world around them. Beautiful illustrations make this a must see book. Two pages of teacher and parent suggestions for adults.

The Five Senses

Tullet, Herve (author)
Tate Gallery (2005)

Ages 9-12
ISBN: 1854375814

An interactive book with a distorting mirror, a Braille alphabet, fun and humor to educate kids and adults alike. You'll want to read this one together.

Touch (The Five Senses)

Rius, Maria (author)
Barron's Educational Series (1985)

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0812035674

Fun and colorful illustrations for learning about the five senses along with a great text will make this a series you will not want to miss. Each book includes a special "scientific" section to help parents answer their children's questions about the senses.

Other books in this series include:

  • Taste (The Five Senses) (1985)
    ISBN-10: 0812035666
  • Sight (The Five Senses) (1985)
    ISBN-10: 081203564X
  • Hearing (The Five Senses) (1985)
    ISBN-10: 0812035631
  • Smell (The Five Senses) (1985)
    ISBN-10: 0812035658

Wow!: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about the Five Senses (Mysterious You)

Romanek, Trudee
Kids Can Press, Ltd. (2004)

Ages 9-12
ISBN-10: 1553376307

Everything you could want to know about the five senses and more. Secrets, mysteries, and processes of the human (and others) senses. Part of a series of books on the human body.

Movies and More!

GameNOVA: Mystery of the Senses

DVD 2007

Scott Resources SR-1477 Tumble 'N Teach 5 Senses


Fun game to play about your senses. Throw the cube and see what you can come up with.

Tuzzles 8-FEL-003 Our Senses Puzzle


Simple board puzzle of the five senses for young children.

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