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Senses for Teachers

Dog sniffing Details, facts, and anatomical diagrams to help you with that five senses unit you are working on right now.

Lesson plans, activities and web resources from eMints National Center. Great resource for many teacher needs.

Tie your five senses lessons to great reading. Go to Ken Baker's site to see what he has written and the lesson plans that coordinate.

Fun and easy experiments with the senses. You will need a blindfold for many of these. Do together or alone.

Kid holding his nose Our Sense of Touch - a great lesson plan.

Great, visually stimulating site for teacher to get lesson plans on all the senses. Ideal for early childhood. Includes story books and listening material ideas.

Paso Partners - Activities, lessons, ideas, experiments, stories - a great resource for your lessons on the senses.

A preschool web site for teaching the senses. Includes songs, stories, art projects, movement and others. You will want to visit this site for other themes too.

Optical illusion Find out all the mysteries of how we see, smell and hear. This is a medical site but teachers will find lots of interesting facts to share with their students.

Huge list of teacher resource links for your unit. Go here for every kind of web site your senses can take. Lesson, activities and a virtual tour.

Cool optical illusions to share with your class.

More optical illusions - you'll love them.

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