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Astronomy for Teachers

Cosmic Opportunities for Teachers


A good place to start your exploration of topics and resources for space is NASA's Spacelink, an aeronautics and space resource for education.


Take a look at three Daytime Astronomy Lessons from National Science Teachers Association at the site called "Astronomy with a Stick."

Teacher with a telescope


NASA has a web site with material for teachers at all grade levels.

The Space Place

Presenting 17 integrated elementary group activities about space.

Kids under the night sky

Telescopes from the Ground Up

The Teachers' Page is an amazing space to explore the history of telescopes, from Galileo to NASA's Great Observatories.

If you don't have any time to look at any other links, then this is the place for you. Windows to the Universe is the ultimate web site about space. The site offers the choice of appropriate educational levels; beginner, intermediate, or advanced. It is brought to you by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).


The sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and twilight time tables for your location from the United States Naval Observatory can be a useful classroom tool. Also included are important dates, positions of the sun and moon, and eclipse information.


Full moon

This Phases of the Moon Calendar shows the phases of the moon for each day of current, future and past months.

Discover the Electronic Picture Books and tutorials from STScI (Space Telescope Science Institute). The Electronic Picture Books contain full color images and informative text designed with powerful navigational tools. The library is continually growing with subjects such as geography, planetary science, and astrophysics. There are views of Earth and images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.


Don't miss this Hubble Space Telescope photo gallery!

For more outstanding photos try the Planetary Photo Journal from NASA.

Here is information about Idaho's Planetariums:


The Nine Planets Solar System Tour is a complete source of information about the solar system.

The Solar System Simulator views the Solar System from various spacecraft. You pick the view.


Here is an interactive lesson about the orbits of the planets.

planetary orbits


NASA's Mars Exploration Program site has information for educators and students.

Amazing Space

Amazing Space has information about comets that includes lesson plans.


If you're looking for information about constellations this Windows to the Universe can help you.

No Escape: The Truth about Black Holes contains information and lesson plans. NASA brings you simulations of Black Holes.



For additional information check out our Dialogue4kids episode "Planets".

space topics

Click on the image above for more D4K space topics.

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