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Bird Migration Links

Flock of birdsHead to this excellent website about migration...from Journey North for Kids

Tracking BALD Eagle Migration

Become an expert on the Bald Eagle.

Watch the Bald Eagle Migration Study Slide Show.

Do Eagles bite Biologists?

Bird migration is usually a north-and-south movement. There are areas of heavier concentration, called flyways, which follow the coasts, mountain ranges and principal river valleys.

Follow the four major North American flyways: the Atlantic, the Mississippi, the Central and the Pacific Flyways.

Migrating birds

Hummingbird migration is a unique journey. Learn more at World of Hummingbirds.

Hungry chicks

Follow the efforts of parents and the progress of the young birds at Cornell Lab of Ornithology NestCams.

Peregine Falcon

Do you know your state birds? What is Idaho's State Bird?

How about Idaho’s State Bird of Prey?

Can you believe that there are over 400 species of birds in Idaho?

If you are inspired to learn more IdahoBirds.net is your comprehensive online resource for wild birds and birding in the State of Idaho.

Enjoy these photos of all kinds of birds...
Photo Gallery of Birds

Can you identify a bird by its song? This website should help... Bird Songs


Bird looks at screenInternet Bird Collection is an on-line video library of the world's birds.


Life histories of familiar North American birds.

From short and stubby to long, thick and chisel like there are all kinds of beaks for all kinds of purposes at Bird Beaks.

Yellow featherFeathers

Most songbirds are covered with 2,000 to 4,000 feathers. About 35% are on the head and neck.

Bird feet claws are really just specialized scales. They grow continuously and are worn away through daily activity. When we are talking about birds of prey we call claws, "talons."


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Odds and Ends about Birds

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