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Bird Migration for Teachers

GeeseJourney North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America.

Teacher Resources with excellent migration lessons from the Journey North, including background information and connections to standards.


Migrating Shorebirdsis a distance learning adventure for grades 5-8 that began in November of 2006. On this site students can stop with migrating shorebirds at several places and learn about their long and fascinating journey. 

Visit this site to find lots of migration links where you can learn more about birds who travel this yearly journey. And to learn more about raptor migration, check out the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

Follow Peregrine Falcons in New York City

raptorIn 1999 "Jack & Diane" ventured from the Bank of New York Building on Wall Street to the 14th floor of 55 Water Street, on the Southern tip of Manhattan.

Read all about them.

Follow Peregrine Falcons in Boise

Watch the webcam of their nest and follow along with the development of a falcon family from egg to chick. Seasonal events make this a better visit in the spring. Archived footage is available to see what took place in months gone by.

Discover Urban Bird Studies with "Citizens Helping Scientists". View videos about various studies...Dove Detectives, Crows Count, Gulls Galore, Pigeon Watch, and find out how you can join the studies.

Research of how much energy migration costs a bird

Don't miss this detailed and thorough online and downloadable document (.zip file) about the Migration of Birds from USGS

Information from US Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Migratory Bird Management:

Hummingbird migration is a unique journey. Learn more at World of Hummingbirds.

You can also find other topics at the Electronic Naturalist: How a bird can sleep without falling off its perch, or when birds migrate


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