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Bio for Evin Oneale

Regional Conservation Educator, Idaho Department Of Fish And Game

Evin is the Regional Conservation Educator in southwest Idaho and works at two Fish and Game offices, in McCall and Nampa. Part of his job involves talking to students, teachers and other people about fish and wildlife. He gets into the wilds of Idaho as much as he can, helping with projects like deer trapping, sage-grouse tagging and catfish stocking. He also takes pictures of people doing these projects then sends the pictures - and a written story - to the newspaper and television stations so people have a better idea what the Idaho Department of Fish and Game does to make our state such a great place to live. Evin also speaks to a number of sportsman's groups, clubs, and of course, school groups. Years ago, Evin worked in western Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park as a member of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team.

Evin was raised in Kansas, where his love for the outdoors began at an early age. He attended Wichita State University where he earned a biology degree and later attended the University of Wyoming where he received his master's degree in wildlife management. In between, Evin was lucky enough to work on two different humpback whale research projects on the east coast! Evin worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for ten years, and has worked for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game since 1994.

Evin's wife Tracy is an attorney for the company OfficeMax. When they're not at work, Evin and Tracy enjoy spending time with their two girls, Maureen (12) and Emery (10). The girls love to fish, camp, hike and bike ride during the summer months and enjoy sledding and cross-country skiing in the winter months.

Bio for Adare Evans

Wildlife Educator, Idaho Department Of Fish And Game

Adare Evans is a Wildlife Educator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. You may have seen her at your school giving a program on Idaho wildlife. She runs the environmental education program Nose-to-Nose and writes and edits articles for Wildlife Express.

Adare's love of the outdoors developed while growing up in Idaho's Wood River Valley. She spent her winters skiing and her summers camping, fishing and playing in nature. Watching river otters in the Big Wood River was a favorite after-school activity.

Adare started her college education as a fisheries major, but soon learned she wanted to share her love of nature and wildlife with others. She earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Idaho in Wildland Recreation Management and earned a teaching certificate from Northwest Nazarene University.

She lives in Boise with her husband and two children.

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