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Geology for Teachers

Rock exhibitChildren's Museum of Indianapolis "Geomysteries" has interactive exercises about identifying minerals, rocks, and fossils.

Rock Cycle experiments

From BBC Education.

rockhound's tools

Rocks and Minerals

A website with a very thorough reference list with off-line and online lesson plans and activities. It includes a rocks and minerals detective web search that uses the Internet and other resources to collect clues about rocks and minerals and how they are used.

Earth layersTremor Troop


FEMA offers a unit known as Tremor Troop for teachers to teach about earthquakes. Download a complete unit of study(.pdf file).

The Franklin Institute's Rock Hound website includes information and activities for students and lesson plans for teachers.

Volcano World from the Oregon State University has extensive geological information, including many earth science lesson plans.

Pink crystals

Newton's Apple

Check out How do gemstones get their color? (Show #1411)

PBS and WGBH presents an informative section about "Becoming a Fossil" on their website. There is also a section about fossils in the Northwest.

Here is a lesson plan about fossils from the USGS.

Atlas holds the earthThe Geologic Time Scale from the U.S. Geological Survey is drawn to scale so you can compare the relative lengths of geologic time divisions.


This scale is geared toward kids, from Children's Museum of Indianapolis.


Ask an Earth Scientist for teachers.

Geological Links for Idaho

The Idaho Geological Survey is "the special public service and research agency at the University of Idaho mandated by law to collect and disseminate geologic and mineral data for the state." There are connections to Idaho maps and geologic links.



Connect with other teachers through the Idaho Earth Science Teachers Association.

Idaho Mining Association provides links to information about the mining industry both in and outside Idaho.

Gold mine

Earthquake Information for Idaho

The National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) has a section about Idaho including history, maps, and recent earthquakes.

Idaho Earthquakes

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