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leaping salmonThe National Wildlife Federation's Salmon Information is devoted not only to providing information about salmon, but also trying to help save this endangered species. Find out why we need to protect this species, and what you can do to help here. To find information about Salmon on our Snake River, click here (.pdf file).


Do you know what it takes to create a good life for a fish? Take the Salmon Challenge! Make decisions about environmental factors that influence the life cycle of salmon. Good choices will help your salmon grow big and strong and migrate to Puget Sound, bad choices will harm or kill your salmon.


Boy with large caught fish The Salmon Page: Dedicated to all things salmon! General information about salmon, pictures from an in-class incubator and growing salmon, plus student artwork, LOTS of links to other internet sites for students and teachers, and a chance to join an online discussion group about salmon. Check it out!


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a fun page for kids and teachers with lots of links to other sites and activities, including a look at the endangered species list and a way to get a free Pacific Salmon and Steelhead coloring book!


Fish FAQ: This site has lots of general fish questions, but look carefully. There are some interesting answers to questions about salmon and steelhead.


Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game

Thanks to Idaho Fish and Game and Project WILD for all of their help and information.

All information in these sites from "Wild About Salmon" is copyrighted by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Idaho Project WILD, 1999.

Written permission was granted to use this material for educational purposes.

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